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Derrick Rose has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the Cleveland Cavaliers and basketball to determine if he still loves the game enough to continue playing with pain and to persevere despite getting injured time and again.

I think the problem with Rose is that he still keeps playing as if he still has that athleticism, speed and quickness which he had before he tore his ACL during the playoffs in 2012.

Derrick Rose needs to evolve, he needs to evolve his game within the limitations of his body after all the aches, pains and injuries he’s been through. He no longer has that speed, quickness and athletic ability. What Rose needs to do is develop into an outside shooter, a better medium range shooter, to develop a teardrop similar to Tony Parker’s. When speed, quickness and leaping ability fade, skill takes over.

I believe the youngest Most Valuable Player in league history still has a lot left in the tank at the age of 29. A lot of players are still in the prime of their careers at the age of 29.

When Michael Jordan lost a step, his quickness, his speed and his legendary athletic ability, his skill and high basketball IQ took over. He was still able to play and hold his own against the likes of Vince Carter and Paul Pierce when their careers were at its infancy.

Jordan worked on his shooting and footwork to negate the loss of his god given abilities. He remains the oldest player in National Basketball Association history to score 40 points at the age of 40.

Maybe Rose can take some months off to work to become a better shooter, to maybe perhaps develop a teardrop or a floater with either hand and come back just in time for the playoffs. Maybe Rose can become a better passer, Steve Nash doesn’t have an ounce of athletic ability but he can pass and he can shoot.

I know it is easier said than done but Rose just needs to adjust his game, he needs to be better and to get better at something else. He doesn’t have to twist and contort his body whenever he drives to the basket. Derrick Rose of 2017 doesn’t have to be Derrick Rose of 2012. I still believe in Derrick Rose, I still believe he can still play this game at a high level.

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