Robredo: Respect better than fame


Speaking among students on Wednesday, July 20, Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo said she would rather choose respect over fame despite the initial hurdles that come with it.

“It is always a choice between being liked and being respected. Sometimes, when you choose to be respected than be liked, you will have to undergo struggles first,” she told a forum with students of St. Paul College in Pasig City.

“If you ask me, even if — again, even if it is unpopular — we always fight for what we think is right,” said Robredo.

In an effort to teach the college students the value of righteousness over popularity, Robredo explained that choosing what they think is right pays in the end.

“When you make difficult decisions, you may be unpopular, but later on, you will be respected because people know that you chose the more difficult but right path,” said Robredo, whose public satisfaction and trust ratings surged in the latest surveys after taking a plunge earlier this year.

She lamented how some people would just choose to keep quiet to avoid being “swarmed” on various social media platforms.

“Now, so many people opt to be quiet, because when they fight back, they are swarmed. I think you know what I mean. Most of you are in social media, and when you say some things that others take very personally, people swarm at you,” said the vice president, who is also an advocate against oppression.

Expressing how she experienced being on “receiving end“ of social media attacks, she stressed how the things have changed over the past few years.

“What has become of us? If before, we could not tolerate certain things, but now there is so much that we tolerate already,” she said, referring to the rise of populism and growing culture of divisiveness over the internet.

Recently, the vice president contended that she is unfazed amidst the impeachment threats from pro-administration lawyers for what they claim as “betraying the public trust” when she criticized the president’s brutal war on drugs at an international conference about drugs on March.

Robredo, in her reply, said threats thrown against her are “nothing new.”

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