Resentment, when prolonged, is the cause of most cancers


Your mantra for the week: “An attitude of gratitude is my personal beatitude.”

Last week, I discussed how our bodies are made of God-substance or as the Lord’s Prayer would say of “radiance and vibration…” In today’s scientific world, this is Energy that can be used positively or negatively.

Many, however, choose to use this energy negatively—in the biblical sense, “Choose mammon.”

How much time do you spend worrying, which I call “futuring,” or expecting the worst to happen, thus, debilitating yourself?

Count the number of times you get angry during the day and calculate how it affects your stamina.

In Iamism, resentment is the cause of most cancers when this is prolonged and sustained for whatever “justifiable” reason.

Envy is exhausting, besides its blocking the good that you desire to attract into your life.

Criticism is a most effective dissipator of your positive vibrations. If done consistently and with intensity, it can put your body in critical condition.

Inner dialogue is usually pessimistic and bordering on fear.

Blaming is another way of blunting the responsibility for your life and actions.

“Past-ing” is looking back with regrets and guilt.

Anxiety shows lack of trust in the God within and that things will work out for good in the end.

Judging by appearances refers to Adam and Eve who took a bite from the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They were driven out of paradise.

Stress is allowing ourselves to get affected by many things you cannot change, instead of spending time changing ourselves which we can certainly do.

To restore your energies, do moon breathing—take a deep breath to the count of four, and hold it to the count of seven, and then breathe out to the count of eight. Then choose a mantra that you feel will energize you, like, “I love and appreciate myself,” or a biblical quote, “In quietness and in trust shall be my strength.”

Caroline Tan and Joy Rustia

Meeting Dr. Kim Shi Tan

Archie and Judith Tan

The very gracious Judith Tan celebrated her birthday recently at the plush Old Manila of the Peninsula.

It was a privilege to meet her father-in-law Dr. Kim Shi Tan, who introduced laparoscopy—surgery that uses a thin, lighted tube put through a cut (incision) in the belly to look at the abdominal organs or the female pelvic organs—to the Philippines.

He required his sons to become medical doctors, too. They complied. However, Archie, Judith’s husband, during his residency in San Francisco, secretly took up flying lessons to fulfill his childhood dream to become a pilot.

Today, Archie is both a doctor and a pilot. Remember the Air Asia plane that had to land with one engine? Archie was the captain.

Judith keeps herself busy as a consultant in her own firm, The Butler Company, of which Charles Pontier is the chair. They also have a foundation, Missionaries of Charity, that assists seniors who are no longer capable of taking care of themselves.

‘A few gold bars’

Recently, the Marcoses, according to President Duterte, are willing to give back a few gold bars and part of the so-called “loot,” with no specific amounts involved, as long as all legal suits against them are dropped.

Jimmy Licauco has written about what the psychic Olof Jonsson said, that the Yamashita gold in Ferdinand Marcos’ possession weighs 1,250 metric tons.

I have in my possession a copy of a gold certificate for 3,500 tons in the name of Melba Aganon, which was said to have been transported to a Swiss bank.

In addition, Marcos, then a congressman, was the lawyer of the Kiram family and got a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) from Sultan Esmail Kiram to manage and invest the Sultanate’s gold deposits in various parts of the world.

There are witnesses who claim that Philippine Airlines flew more than a few thousand tons of gold away from the country. When Marcos became president, he bombed and burned Sulu.

To put everything in context, I interviewed Eric San Juan, author of “Marcos Legacy Revisited: Raiders of the Lost Gold.” San Juan was a Nisa (National Intelligence and Security Agency) asset in the Marcos years who directly reported to Gen. Fabian Ver, Commodore Veridiano, Col. Balbino Diego and Col. Rene Batoon. San Juan was part of a security cluster that was disguised for the benefit of the Marcos children.

Eric San Juan

San Juan said: “The so-called Yamashita gold is just a generic name that is used to describe all the Marcos loot” (which includes all that I have mentioned above) and “there is a lot more left buried in many parts of the country.”

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