Reap the Benefits of Coconut with These Beauty Products


Remember when we listed down beauty ingredients that are popular with millennials? Coconut oil is one of them and it’s an ingredient very close to my heart. I take a spoonful a day to boost my immune system and it helped me get through a rough (drying!) winter in Italy—since then, we were inseparable. Coconut oil is naturally an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal while coconut water is known for its hydration and moisture, so it’s great that more and more brands are incorporating this powerful ingredient into their skincare and makeup lines.

Our favorites? We listed them down for your pleasure. Go ahead, let your skin drink up the benefits!

Sephora Collection Coconut Water Cleansing Cream

As the name suggests, this cleanser comes in a very gentle milky formulation, which makes use of coconut water as base. It boasts of a “melt-in-your-skin” texture and is meant to soothe while it removes makeup and other impurities. Available at Sephora PH.

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus and Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist

Face mists are godsend especially during hot summer days. This one from Herbivore uses coconut water as base infused with hibiscus and rose petals. It tones, hydrates, and softens your skin, and also helps reduce redness and skin inflammation. It doesn’t hurt that it comes in a great packaging and that it smells so, so good. Available online. 

Beauty Buffet Coconut and Co-Q10 Firming Face Mask

This rinse-off mask from Thai brand Beauty Buffet is formulated with coconut oil and Coenzyme Q10 that helps improve your skin’s elasticity. Use it for five minutes in between your cleanser and toner to reveal soft and brighter skin. Beauty Buffet. Available at Ayala The 30th.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Undercover Perfecting Coconut Primer 

Makeup primers tend to be heavy on the skin, but this crowd-favorite from Marc Jacobs Beauty seems to perform otherwise. It makes use of coconut water, juice (I guess it’s pressed), and pulp to create a natural and breathable primer that extends your makeup and leaves your skin supple. Plus points because it also smells like luscious coconuts. Available at Sephora PH.

Glossier Balm DotCom in Coconut

As a bonus, we include cult-fave Balm DotCom in coconut even if it doesn’t contain any other coconut ingredient but the scent. Why? Because we oh-so love it and it reminds us of long summer days. But don’t worry, it has Cupuacu fruit extract, a moisturizing ingredient that melts into your skin, and rice bran and rosemary leaf extracts, which are both antioxidants. Available through Instagram resellers.


Art by Anfernee Dy

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