COUNCILOR Rommel ‘Meng’ Agan of Zamboanga City urged the BSP Zamboanga City Council to initiate sending of care packages with simple letters of appreciation from the city’s young boy scouts addressed to soldiers.

He said that it is an opportunity for the people of Zamboanga City, having been a recent beneficiary of the heroism and patriotism of the soldiers during the Zamboanga siege, to show its appreciation to the troops who continue risking their lives so that the Filipino people can have their freedom.

“If logistics permit, we can send the care packages containing our boys’ simple letters of appreciation to our troops and simple chocolates (Chocnut, maybe) to Marawi. Or we can distribute it locally to our soldiers stationed in Zamboanga as a symbolic gesture of our appreciation to all those serving in the uniformed services,” he told me in a private message.

“I have long wished that Filipinos should be more appreciative of the services of our men in uniform. I have witnessed this personally during my trips abroad where a stranger at the airport would offer free drinks to men in uniform and simply say “thank you for your service” or when men in uniform are given complimentary upgrades when they take a plane. Not to mention the military discounts given by establishments to soldiers when they go shopping. Maybe our simple care packages for our troops can be a good start,” he added.

The council was quick to issue a memorandum addressing all district chairmen and officers enjoining them to take part in the project, with the following excepts:

“For so long a time now, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP), share the same mission of instilling discipline, bravery and patriotism to its members by somehow using as basis the scout oath and law espoused by our founder Lord Baden Powell.

In keeping with their pledge of defending the sovereignty of our country against all forms of atrocities and terrorism, our men in uniform more particularly members of our armed forces, has continuously risk their lives to safeguard our freedom and democracy.

To show our gratitude to these young men and women who we consider as our modern day heroes, we are enjoining all scouts to write a letter or do an artwork to show and express our gratitude and appreciation for the services the soldiers have been rendering in service of our beloved country, dubbed as “Muchissimas Gracias Por Tu Servicio.” BEEN THERE DONE THAT/JOSEPHINE CODILLA


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