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By Aaron Recuenco

Director General Ronald dela Rosa, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), ordered yesterday the recall of all policemen serving as security escorts for various Very Important Persons (VIPs) following an incident wherein a daughter of a known drug lord was inadvertently given two police security details.

Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa
(Manila Bulletin File Photo)

Dela Rosa said his order is to check if there are other people with shady background who are also enjoying the protection of the PNP’s Police Security Protection Group (PSPG), similar to the one enjoyed by Diane Uy who is the daughter of drug lord Yu Yuk Lai.

“I have instructed the director of PSPG to recall all the security details and to give them necessary instructions and review all the details of the security,” said dela Rosa.

“Let’s see if there are other drug lords with PSPG security. We do not know so we will ensure that it will not happen from hereon,” he added.


Dela Rosa, meanwhile, vowed yesterday that the two cops who were assigned to secure a daughter of a known drug trafficker will be kicked out of the police service.

This, after Police Officer 3 Walter Vidal and Police Officer 2 Faisal Abdullah Sawadjaan did not report to their superior that the Diane Uy they had been tasked to secure is the daughter of Yu Yuk Lai.

“They know that Diane Uy is the daughter of Yu Yuk Lai and in fact, they even accompany them to the CIW but they claim that they do not go inside,” said dela Rosa.

“But they did not report it to their superior and for that, they are administratively liable for serious neglect of duty. For that, I will make sure that they will be dismissed from the service,” he added.

It was learned that during the background check, it did not appear that Uy is the daughter of Yu Yuk Lai. The main reason why their request was granted was that she is a kidnap victim in 2006.

The PSPG was also totally blind on the connection of Diane to the drug lord who has been detained at the Correctional Institution for Women (CIW) for several years now over drug case conviction.

Chief Supt. Jose Crisostomo Garcia, PSPG director, admitted that the background of Diane Uy did not appear in the conduct of regular threat assessment.

“So far for that past 7 years, it did not appear in the threat assessment,” said Garcia.

“Because of this experience, we will be more careful, more strict and we will ensure that only clean people will be provided with security detail,” said dela Rosa.

Garcia said some 700 PSPG personnel will be recalled following dela Rosa’s recall order—400 for private individuals and 300 for government officials.

“This will be done by batch because we cannot recall them at one time so by batch,” said Garcia.

It was learned that PSPG personnel are required to report to their superiors any illegal activities or wrongdoings of the persons or family of persons they are securing.

Sawadjaan has been with Diane Uy since 2010 while Vidal has been with her  since 2013. They are currently under restrictive custody.

Some P10 million worth of shabu were seized in the condominium unit of Yu Yuk Lai in a raid last week. It was then that agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) found out that Uy was being secured by two cops.

Authorities said Diane was being used by her mother to continue the illegal drugs trade.

Loyalty Shift

Dela Rosa said that the two clearly shifted their loyalty to the family of the drug trafficker.

And he said the reason could be that the two are receiving P30,000 each from Uy every month.

While there is no policy that policemen should not accept additional pay from the persons they are securing, dela Rosa said this practice is being discouraged.

“So far, we have not established that they are involved directly from the drugs activities of Diane. We have to investigate some more,” said dela Rosa.

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