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In May 2014, Korean actor Park Hyung Sik and eight cast members of the Korean military training TV show “Real Men” went to Leyte to help rebuild communities devastated by typhoon Yolanda.

Korean actor Park Hyung Sik poses for the media at his “First Love in Manila” fan meeting organized by Pulp Live World Production (Photo by Jonathan Hicap)

More than three years after the visit, Park Hyung Sik returned to the country for his first fan meeting titled “First Love In Manila.” Organized by Pulp Live World Production, it was held at Kia Theatre.

At the fan meeting, he performed songs, interacted with fans and had photos taken with them. He tried wearing a barong Tagalog and tasted Filipino food like sago and gulaman, kamias and sisig.

Early this year, he starred in the Korean drama “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon” together with Park Bo-young in the title role and Ji Soo.

Park Hyung Sik remembered his 2014 visit to Leyte, saying, “When I came here for ‘Real Men,’ I really had a good impression of the Philippines. I’m really glad that I came back here as an actor and I’m very thankful.”

In “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon,” he played the role of Ahn Min-hyuk, a gaming company CEO who hires Do Bong-soon as his bodyguard.

He said his character in the drama is similar to his real personality “but I needed to be a bit more ‘high’ to be able to act like Min-hyuk. I had to sustain that highness to be able to act like one.”

Park Hyung Sik said they were worried that viewers would not like Do Bong-soon, who has supernatural strength.

“Because of the role of the girl, we were kind of worried because some audience may not like her because of her personality. But I see right now, that is booming in the Philippines just like in Korea. They are much satisfied. Usually the boys are more powerful than girls but in this drama, the theme is that the girl is more powerful which I found to be good,” he explained.

He has been acting in dramas since 2010 and among the roles he has played, the one as chaebol in “High Society” is closest to his heart

“Everything comes within me. In the drama ‘High Society,’ the role that I played is the closest to my real personality,” he added.

Because of his busy schedule, Park Hyung Sik describes his perfect day as one when he will not do anything.

Korean actor Park Hyung Sik (center) wearing a barong Tagalog at his Manila fan meeting (Photo courtesy of Pulp Live World) /

Korean actor Park Hyung Sik (center) wearing a barong Tagalog at his Manila fan meeting (Photo courtesy of Pulp Live World)

“Play, eat, sleep. That’s the best ever routine. A day which I can completely just not think about anything. I play games sometimes, go to karaoke, drink with friends. The normal days which we live everyday is the best thing for me,” he said.

To relieve stress, he said, “I usually play computer games at home. I’m also fond of playing bowling and scuba diving, too. I really want to try it (scuba diving in the Philippines) but because of my busy schedule (I can’t). I’m gonna come back for that.”

Park Hyung Sik yearns to act in movies.

“So far, I’m not exposed to movie acting so I’m gonna be really fond if I can participate in any genre. I’m personally interested in action films but I watch a lot of science fiction like ‘Avengers,’ ‘Twilight.’ If there’s any chance (to be in an action film) I’m very willing to participate,” he said.

“The moment I am acting is the happiest. The harmony that we make with the director and co-stars. We all have our roles and positions. The passion that we possess in acting, the audience can actually feel it.”

Park Hyung Sik is happy with his career this year, saying, “I’m really thankful that in 2017, the ‘Do Bong-soon’ really boomed and everyone is really loving it. In 2018, I’ll be back filming.”

He thanked the Filipinos and promised he will be back in the country.

“I’m not going to make you wait long. I’m gonna come back.”

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