Pacquiao blasts WBO ruling: Nothing surprises me now


Manny Pacquiao has left it to fans to decide who the rightful winner is in his highly disputed world-welterweight title fight with Jeff Horn.

This, after the independent panel assembled by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) upheld the Australian fighter’s victory.

“Let the people judge for themselves. People saw what happened,” the former 8-division world champion said in a statement.

“We have seen worse judgments in the past where judges manipulated results.

“Nothing surprises me now.”

Meanwhile, the Games and Amusement Board (GAB), the government sports-regulatory body which called for the review, said it respects the WBO’s ruling.

But GAB chairman Baham Mitra said the scoring may have come out differently if the bout had been handled by a better referee.

“We are grateful that WBO acted promptly on our request but, no matter what review they do, it will be hard to change the result as the referee didn’t call it close,” Mitra said in a separate statement. 

“The judges’ scores would have greatly changed if the refs did their job properly. He didn’t give senator Manny the respect and fair protection that is due to a people’s champ.”

Mitra said the WBO should order a rematch to give Pacquiao a more justifiable officiating.

Three of 5 independent judges appointed by the WBO sided with Horn to affirm his win.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum said the review didn’t settle anything.

“First of all they didn’t (rule) that Jeff Horn clearly won the fight. They (WBO) had five judges scoring the fight: three had Horn winning narrowly, one had it at draw, one had Pacquiao winning,” Arum said in Boxing Scene.

“It was a very close fight. It could have been scored either way. I had Manny winning the fight by one point, but you know when it gets that close, the fight can go either way.”

Arum said they will wait for Pacquiao if he wants to pursue the rematch clause against Horn.

He said he expects the Filipino to seriously ponder his plans since he still has his legislative duties to consider.

“Manny has to decide what he wants to do in the future and we’ll take it from there. I will see whether he really wants to do a rematch, whether he wants to continue boxing, or whether because of his senatorial duty, he is unable to continue.”

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