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With the growing popularity of off-road trailing/camping in the country, four-wheel enthusiasts are looking for ways to make outdoor enjoyment more convenient and hassle-free. CTEK, the World’s acknowledged battery maintenance and power charging authority is set to revolutionize the market with its latest line of smart battery chargers.

As a product whose reputation and innovation is geared towards the advancement of battery management and smart charging systems, CTEK’s new D250S Dual Charger is designed to handle modern vehicle electronics with ease. New cars such as the Toyota 200 series Land Cruiser and the Nissan Navara D40 are fitted with technologically advanced smart alternators to use less fuel and meet today’s tighter exhaust emission standards.


Smart alternators lower the load on the engine by adjusting the alternator output voltage to suit. A quick burst of voltage will start the vehicle; the voltage outputs will then drop to a lower level.

The D250S Dual Charger will automatically switch on at a lower voltage level than traditional DC-to-DC chargers. Provided the ignition is on, its input range from 10V to 22Vallows the system to operate when the output voltage from the smart alternator drops.

This versatile system can also draw power from a solar source when the ignition is off, keeping your batteries in top condition and charged to their maximum capacity.


The D250S Dual is a fully automatic, five-stage charger that supplies 20A to 12V batteries of 40-300Ah. It charges quickly, extending battery life and optimising performance to give you the power to explore. With CTEK, you can power up and enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle of having a flat battery. Using the D250S Dual will provide your battery the power it needs to keep those camp lights on and have those beers cold at the fridge at camp night.

The charger is IP65 classified (splash proof and dust protected and approved for outdoor use), protects vehicle electronics and is suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, Gel, AGM). A two-year guarantee gives peace of mind.

To learn more about the D250S and other CTEK smart battery chargers, visit the official CTEK Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CTEK.Ph) or contact 0917-5754812.

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