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By Bonita L. Ermac

ILIGAN CITY – Still bewildered and worried about the fate of her children, Minhati Madrais – an Indonesian who is the known wife of slain Maute Group leader Oman Maute – signed a waiver for inquest that will pave the way for an investigation to determine whether she had links with the Islamic State (IS)-linked terror group.


Jek-jek Sacan, City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) Youth Holding Center Officer-In-Charge, related that Madrais has felt troubled, uneasy, and perturbed on what will now happen to her family now that Omar Maute is gone.

Sacan said Madrais confided her feelings to him, unloading whatever frustrations she had and apprehension about the rights that should be accorded to her six children, aged 12 years old to nine months old.

Madrais was brought to the prosecutor’s office Tuesday, and was accompanied by the Indonesian Consul supposedly to be subjected to an inquest.

But she was directed to seek assistance with the Public Attorney’s Office as she didn’t have a lawyer yet.

Lawyer Viviene Mostrales of Public Attorney’s Office said Minhati didn’t even know that she had been put under arrest, much worse charged with illegal possession of explosives.

Omar Maute’s wife thought she was just being held because she had an expired passport.

Nevertheless, Minhati has signed a waiver for inquest after her name was corrected to exclude the name Maute since the slain terrorist’s surname did not reflect on her passport.

She also told Mostrales that she just wanted to go home to Indonesia with her children, and be with her parents.

As such, Minhati has signed a waiver for inquest, which will give her time to file a counter-affidavit within 10 days.

Meanwhile, an Indonesian official Wahyu Candra Irawan, National Police Liaison Officer, visited Minhati, according to Sr. Supt. Leony Roy Ga, City Director here.

“Safe sila dito sa area natin” assured Ga and that their needs have been coordinated with the City Social Welfare and Development. Additional personnel will be added just in case the suspect will be brought to BJMP, he said.

Ga also said Minhati denied that she was keeping the explosive materials which were found in her rented residence. She also denied having any knowledge of her husband’s activity.

Minhait also said she has been in the country since 2012.

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