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THE LRI Design, Makati City’s pioneer one-stop-art and -design hub, has been 13 years in the business and continuous effort providing aficionados, professionals and enthusiasts.

Butterfly Art Installation

LRI is a common ground that bridges individuals for innovation and creativity. Aside from offering artisan furniture, architecture and interior-design solution and home accent pieces, LRI further builds on its success by leading the promotion and recognition of Filipino artistry, creative talents and award-winning designs.

On its 13th anniversary, LRI recently paid a tribute to renowned Filipino master painter and butterfly hunter Justin Nuyda through a solo exhibit, entitled Of Colors and Places. The event was copresented by Sigvard Selections and curated by award-winning interior designer Jigs Ranada Adefuin.

The exhibit brings the latest artworks and rare butterfly collection of Nuyda, whose intense connection with nature and majestic butterflies—notably their brilliant colors and graceful fluttering wings—are defining subjects of his art. According to IDr Adefuin who conceptualized the whole event, the exhibit is a fitting tribute to an accomplished artist like Nuyda.

Filipino master painter and butterfly hunter Justin Nuyda (center) with award-winning interior designer Jigs Ranada Adefuin (from left), Ayni Nuyda, LRI President Toni C. Lo and Sigvard Selections Managing Partner Oliver Ortiz

Nuyda is best known for abstract works that depict the soft undulating motions of clouds, mists, butterfly wings, sea foam and wave hovering over horizons. A master of the modern and cerebral, he offers onlookers a sense of wild and infinite love of nature. “It will love you back a thousand fold,” Nuyda said. The one-man exhibit showcases the astonishing career and life of the genius that is Nuyda, who is one of the key pillars in Philippine Modernism and a top lepidopterist who has named and discovered countless butterfly species and subspecies in and out of the country.

His process of using multiple brushes bound together has become his signature. As for his passion, which is collecting butterflies, Nuyda’s love for it is honest but immense. He speaks of this love with a casual manner. Despite having butterfly species named after him for the importance of his work, his honesty is humble and refreshin.

In his exhibit, Nuyda offers the number 13. It presents various symbolisms—13 connotes meditation on the beauty of natural phenomenon and the re-counting of his travel to exotic locales where he outwitted rare specimens, or where he spent days searching for a missing butterfly subspecies. The figure is also an abstract chronicle of Nuyda’s life.

Among other features are special section depicting Nuyda’s timeline and career milestones, as well as his past and recent masterpieces. To give guests a profound gist of Nuyda’s passionate accomplishments throughout the years. Adefuin has devoted three special sections—a Butterfly Wall featuring some of Nuyda’s rare butterfly collection to educate visitors and students about each butterfly’s origin and location; a Memory Lane that gives everyone a sentimental peek into the life of the butterfly hunter and artist, including some of his previous paintings; and a Butterfly Art Installation by the event curator himself.

LRI Marketing Manager Sally Septimo said the exhibit highlights both LRI and Sigvard Selections’s deep support for the Philippine Art and local master like Nuyda. “We, at LRI, are advocates of Filipino artistry and talents. We believe in our local master artist, which is why we support them by showcasing and patronizing their artworks.” Artwork for me should serve a purpose, not only for aesthetics. If choosing one for the home or for the business establishments. I suggest the owner collect or invest on timeless pieces made by Filipino artist,” said liver Ortiz, the exhibit’s project manager and Sigvard Selections managing partner. To date, Sigvard’s private collection includes pieces by Arturo Luz, Romulo Olazo, Mauro Malang, Federico Alcuaz and Jose Joya.

“LRI Design Plaza is not only limited to fine artisan furniture and home accents; it has a wide scope of services and suppliers that match our art and design aficionados. For beautiful artworks, we have a Gallery Wing wherein prestigious  galleries—Art Circle Gallery, Galeria Astra, Gallery Big, MCM Designs Art Gallery Studio, One Workshop and Rico Renzo—house vast collections,” Septimo added. The exhibit and mesmerizing butterfly art exposition is at the LRI Design Plaza on 210 Nicanor Garcia Street, Bel Air II, Makati City.



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