No, You Don’t Need That Nokia 3310


It’s a slick marketing gimmick, nothing more

When HMD Global Oy, the people who acquired the Nokia brand to use with mobile phones announced the return of the 3310, people went crazy. With Samsung out of the picture back in Mobile World Congress, the show undoubtedly became all about the little featurephone. Everybody wanted to capture the thing on video – it seemed like the phone was set to become a the next big thing.

Then we got our hands on it, and we quickly realized that, no, it’s not. The scant time we spent with the phone back in Barcelona cemented what we initially thought when it was first unveiled back in February – it’s a marketing gimmick that’s banking on people’s nostalgia to attract attention to the rest of the phones in HMD’s lineup. 

While the new 3310 looks like a decent remake that made the Finnish brand’s name back when it was released, it has no business existing in today’s landscape. It has extremely basic functionality compared to phones currently out in the market today, and its long battery life is probably the result of you not being able to do much with it.

It’s hard to think of the intended audience for this particular phone aside from the folks who want to buy it purely for nostalgia’s sake. People who require featurephones don’t have the budget for it (you can easily buy a sub 1k featurephone from literally any other local brand in the market) and people who have the budget for it don’t need a featurephone.

It’s purely a marketing gimmick meant to attract attention to HMD Oy’s other, Nokia branded devices that are pretty damn decent. It’s a slick gimmick, but it’s a gimmick nonetheless.

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