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Fred M. Lobo

By Fred M. Lobo


President Duterte has strongly warned policemen to stop planting evidence against drug suspects and to avoid committing more “mistakes” in the war on drugs.

No protection but jail for cops who abuse their authority and go “palpak.”


Senator Ping Lacson has called for a curb to rampant corruption at the Bureau of Customs (BOC), alleging that 44 officials receive weekly payola or “tara” apparently coming from the “big five” importers.

BOC 44 waltzing with “The Big Five” and singing their way to the bank, Ping fires anew.


“Let us be clear on this. I said I will protect those who are doing their duty. I never promised to protect those who are supposedly engaged in doing their duty but committing a crime in the process,” Duterte stressed on his war on drugs.

I will rise or fall on the anti-drug war. So no wrongdoing, please, he said.


Duterte showed the updated list of those involved in the illegal trade in his speech during his recent visit to the Ozamiz City Police Station.

The war on drugs will continue to protect the next generation, he stressed.


“That cannot be done,” Duterte said in his speech in Sto. Tomas, on the questionable death of 17-year-old Kian Lloyd delos Santos, in an anti-drug operation in Caloocan City.

Officers who abuse their authority, especially those who plant evidence will be kicked out or face the consequences, he said.


Duterte clarified that his order to “destroy” drug apparatus and the entire drug organization does not justify Kian’s death or “murder.”

“I’m not justifying ‘yung sa (what happened in) Caloocan, it was really bad. Hindi naman performance of duty ‘yung ganoon (That was not in the performance of duty),” Duterte admits


“What I reminded again the military and the police is that it should be in the performance of duty. That you are not allowed… a person who is kneeling down, begging for his life. That is murder,” he said.

No to murder, the Punisher said.


While the police insist that Kian shot at them first, the paraffin test results from the Northern Police District (NPD) Crime Laboratory released Wednesday afternoon showed otherwise

The truth will set us free…


Duterte said that while he is keen on protecting the police who are doing their duty, he cannot turn a blind eye on those who are abusing their authority.

“But for the abusive cops, the cops who kidnap people and make their victims a deed of sale, I put a bounty on their heads,” he said.


Duterte revealed he knows there are also police officers who plant evidence.

No to fake evidence. Plant goodwill, instead.

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