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Nagbabaga ang debate ­kaugnay pa rin sa nakabinbing tadhana ng Grab at Uber transport services. Habang sinusulat ang column na ito ay napagkasunduan na harapin ang problema at iresolba sa lalong madaling panahon ng LTFRB at ng pamu­nuan ng Uber at Grab. Matapos na bumaha ng mga komento sa social media na halos durugin ang LTFRB dahil sa pagkakadiskaril ng operasyon ng naturang transport services.

May punto naman ang LTFRB pero tila hindi ito pinapakinggan ng riding public na karamihan ay na serbisyuhan nang maayos ng Grab at Uber. Samantalang ‘di naman maaalis ang ilang mga problema rin naman na naranasan ng ilan nating riding public sa dumarami na ring abusadong Grab at Uber drivers. Drivers dahil in fairness sa mga Uber at Grab drivers na kanila mismo ang unit o sasakyan na ginagamit, magagalang at maaayos silang kausap. Well narito ang ilan lang sa mga sa social media kaugnay sa isyu, Mapapansin ninyo na karamihan Ingles tama man o hindi ang grammar umi-Ingles ang Guma-Grab at Umu-Uber na passengers huh!

About 56k Uber and Grab drivers, about 3000 ang naka-register

It must have been grab but its uber now (kanta pa more)

My Grab driver last night asked me to sign their petition after I said that Grab & Uber are really convenient. KUNG­PWEDELANGPIRMAHANLAHAT

Gov’t won’t bend rules for Grab, Uber —DOTr Usec. Orbos

@LTFRB , you dont know how much important grab and uber is to my safety in travelling

I don’t think Grab and Uber’s management will just let the dissolution happen. They’ve invested so much on it that they don’t mind the 5M…

They stopped applications more than a year ago. Inipit nila yung uber and grab

Best lasing moments is with uber/grab drivers

Below is what @LTFRB deems as a safer option than Grab and Uber. God bless the Philippines.

Sen. Joel Villanueva files resolution calling for Senate inquiry on LTFRB’s process in granting franchises to Uber, Grab

We need to hear out the Uber/Grab applicants what ­exactly happened. But many reports say they tried their best to comply.

And to be honest, some of us have some rude exp from ­taxis. So why would we settle on it? If Uber and Grab will give us the security we need

I use Uber and Grab because I love the service they ­provide. If public transportation were more efficient, I’d use it!

When the government says that buses and taxis are safer than Uber and Grab, you know for a fact they don’t know shit.

LTFRB: we want to cancelledt grab and uber for peoples safety.

Jeep/Bus/Taxi Driver: tama yon, safer kame!

People: ???

Grab: ???

Uber: ???

So much BS. This move by LTFRB towards Uber and Grab is corruption at its finest.

How can the government say that buses and jeepneys are ­safer than grab and uber when they don’t even use any of the four?

Biggest joke of the day: riding a taxi is safer than uber or grab

grab & uber are safe, convenient & clean, but they’re also expensive + require smartphones. are we saying only the rich deserve safety?

We want Uber only, Grab can choke charot




We deserve better Public Transportation System. Support Grab & Uber.

Biggest joke of the day. Do you guys even ride Uber or Grab???

Until we are able to improve mass transportation, LTFRB should defer its decision to disallow new applications from Grab and Uber drivers.

TOTGA – The one that got away

TOTNK – The one that never knew

LTFRB – The one na panira to our transpo system grab/uber pa rin

LTFRB: Knock knock!

Us: Who’s there?

LTFRB: Grab, Uber

Us: Grab, Uber who?

LTFRB: It must have been Grab, but it’s Uber now~

Uber, Grab: We are sorry we failed. We tried our best. Be safe everyone!

Jeep, Bus, Taxi: Oooooh! Panis! Alis na mga ulul! Hi babe!

Willing ako mag-rally for Uber and Grab.

Petition to make LTFRB officials take a bus/jeep/taxi at 3am from Novaliches to Makati to prove they’re safer than Uber/Grab.

Before you remove Grab and Uber, give us first a better public transportation system.

I love you Uber. I love you Grab. I am just one voice but i thought you should know

Until autonomous vehicle becomes widely available, we just need to be responsible drivers. If you’re tired, rest. Or grab a taxi or Uber.

Ang unfair po. Suki naman ako ng grab at uber ah

Nakakaiyak sa lahat ng beses na nag-Grab/Uber ako ever wala pang pog puro mga loshan gusto ko ng poging dri­ver PLEASE.

Uber at Grab para sa isang hassle-free at safe na taxi ride.

Walang hugot nor rhyme. Legit tip lang.

My parents are PWD so we use Uber/Grab. Our company uses Uber Business for our business meetings/events. LTFRB, you’re a bunch of.. .

We need critical mass to let the LTFRB know that Uber and Grab must stay.

I will try my very best not to ride uber or grab or taxi starting tomorrow.

What’s stopping you from approving of re-accreditation of Grab and Uber @LTFRB?

Grab and Uber aren’t real problems. Go fix real problems LTFRB.

I would still ride in Uber and Grab rather than in abusive Taxis.

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