Netizens feast on alleged mother-daughter feud between Jenine Desiderio and Janella Salvador


FORMER “Miss Saigon” star Jenine Desiderio hollered on social media about what is seemingly a rift between her and daughter Janella Salvador.

The actress-singer, who is known for playing Kim in “Miss Saigon,” reacted to a controversial Twitter post last July 19.

“Napakahirap bang magpaalam? 2 simple, basic rules hindi masunod. Kase ayaw sumunod. #nuknukanngtigasngulo #angtigasngloob. (Is it so hard to ask permission? Can’t follow 2 simple, basic rules because u dont want to follow #hardheaded #stubborn)” her tweet read.

Desiderio’s tweets were immediately flocked by her followers who were curious if she was referring to daughter Janella, who is one of the most popular actresses on ABS-CBN, and actor-rapper Elmo Magalona, who is Janella’s loveteam and rumored boyfriend.

Some netizens advised Desiderio about talking it out and solving the rift privately instead of calling her daughter out in public which will do no good especially with Janella’s career. Without confirming or denying anything, Desiderio went on to answer her followers and slammed back at saying that they will never know because they are not in her situation. Her problems with her daughter is not the same as other parents’ problems.

One follower tweeted: “hahanap at hahanap yan ng lusot pag masyado mong pinaghihigpitan. (she’s going to find ways to sneak out if you’re restricting her).” To which Desiderio replied: “pinaghihigpitan ba? (am I restricting her?)

Netizens feasted on the long thread of tweets that suggests that the mother and daughter is going through something serious as Desiderio also tweeted “I will not get to this without reason.” Some of her followers asked her to just delete her tweets but Jenine was not fazed and even told them that it was her own space until all of them chimed in.

It wasn’t the first time Desiderio ranted on social media about a suspected disagreement with her daughter. In February, she also posted a series of cryptic tweets in which people were quick to associate Elmo as the person she described as “a guy who pretends to be decent but sneaks behind my back.”

Janella later denied those rumors in an interview with in April, saying that she just had a misunderstanding with her mom in which they have already resolved.

Three months later, Desiderio once again ranted loaded tweets which implied a brewing melee between her daughter and a “mystery guy”.

No words yet from both sides on whether they have patched things up or not.

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