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(L-R) Globe Business Vice President for Enterprise Sales Dion Asencio, Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto, Nestle’ Philippines Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs Ernie Mascenon and Nestle’ Philippines Technical Director Peter Winter sign the Memorandum of Agreement for Globe Telecom and Nestle’ Philippines’ Project 1 Phone partnership.

As part of its environmental sustainability program, Nestle’ Philippines has joined Globe Telecom’s Project 1 Phone electronic waste recycling initiative which promotes proper disposal of broken and discarded electrical and electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, printers, among others.

Nestle and Globe signed a Memorandum of Agreement recently in response to the P1P campaign spearheaded by Globe Business among its corporate clients to encourage donations of individual and company e-waste. Initially, Nestle agreed to distribute the Globe e-waste bins to each of its 20 sites across the Philippines which include corporate offices factories, distribution centers, sales and service offices.

Globe Business Vice President Dion Asencio said that the main inspiration of the project is to find ways to do business beyond the usual operations. “We normally look at partnerships with other companies from a connectivity standpoint, what services we can provide from a technology point of view like how to bring the digital transformation into their organization,” said Nestle’ Philippines Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs.

P1P, the flagship conservation initiative of Globe, focuses on responsible e-waste recycling and recovery to ensure that harmful materials do not end up in landfills. It also aims to promote sustainability by engaging various stakeholders, customers, partner corporations and the public to donate their e-waste for the conservation and protection of the environment. So far, from the 79,968.2 Kg of e-waste gathered when it was first launched in 2014, the amount increased to 124,572.19 Kg the following year. In 2016, through concerned individuals and 10 corporate partners, Globe has hauled a whopping 141,833.69 kilograms, which exceeds the year-end target of 120,000 kilograms.

All proceeds from recycling these electronic waste go to Globe Telecom´s advocacy to bring 21st-century learning to students and teachers by building ICT classrooms nationwide and providing proper training through its Global Filipino Schools program.

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