NBA: When the trolls came out to burn the Warriors and won the Internet


Steph Curry and the Warriors took a serious beating on the Internet, following their infamous finals fiasco last year. Troy Taormina, USA Today Sports/Reuters

It has taken the Golden State Warriors 12 months to get to this point, a moment that couldn’t arrive fast enough for a team that time and again has had to swallow its pride amid constant reminder of its historic choke job last season.

The Warriors are favorites in their “three-match” with the Cleveland Cavaliers beginning Thursday (Friday, Manila time) and if Steph Curry and co. follow the script, those jokes fans outside of the Bay Area have all come to love will be rendered irrelevant.

So before an impending Golden State coronation distracts fans from the fact that the team blew a 3-1 lead in last year’s finals, ABS-CBN News looks back at the epic, yearlong shade thrown at the Warriors’ expense.

1. The gold standard of troll jobs? Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson shows his championship bling on ring night. He knows what the jeweller did there.

2. Because rubbing salt all over the Warriors’ wounds wasn’t enough, a newspaper added some chili sauce and pepper for good measure.

3. For Warriors fans, every day for the last 340 days or so felt like it was March 1. 

4. Halloween is as good a time to haunt Golden State about the previous summer’s screw-up, although serving tombstone cookies was a bit odd.

5. “Jeopardy” champ blew a $301 bet, because he could. 

6. New guy Deron Williams knows the perfect way to fit in. 

7. One thing is for sure — the Warriors debacle has made a lot of people geniuses in arithmetic.

8. This season will be remembered as the time when the Warriors couldn’t steer clear of the savagery. 

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