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Going alternative


By Amanda Griffin Jacob

My 30s have been all about a transcendental progression to a more natural and nourishing existence. It’s been an organic and compliant journey that keeps transforming and evolving as the years go by. It all began when David and I started trying to have a baby when I was 31. My very first shift occurred when I stopped eating animals at the age of 30. I had read books that explained the necessities of a vegetarian lifestyle for health, environment, and animal welfare. I then started to incorporate yoga into my regime to help get my body baby-ready. We were living in Hong Kong at the time, which led me to explore alternative practices like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in our goal to get pregnant.

The more I read, the more I want to know and discover. The more I learn, the more I compel myself and my family to avoid pharmaceutical and traditional medicine as much as we possibly can. Holistic therapies are geared toward proactive prevention rather than solely treating problems as they arise. Lately I’ve had some health issues that have left me feeling off kilter. I always like to be in control, especially when it comes to my body. I assiduously search for ways to better my health and that of my family. I live a pretty healthy existence with a few moderate indulgences here and there (can you say chocolate, cheese, and an occasional glass of red wine?) So, when these problems surfaced I kind of freaked out. I decided to delve deeper into my alternative therapies and experiment with a whole range of them to see if I could resolve and repair them on a purer level. I enlisted the guidance of experts like naturopaths, osteopaths, as well as a holistic wellness educator and practitioner. I figured there had to be a natural way to approach my situation. I recently discovered essential oils (and I’m obsessed!) and I have returned to TCM and acupuncture. I really believe that using them in aggregation with other treatments has helped to resolve my condition.

My experiences these past few months have reinforced the importance of daily maintenance for preemptive prevention. It is also compulsory to be continually aware of what’s happening around you, from an environmental standpoint (what toxins you are exposed to) as well as your mental state (what spikes your cortisol levels), and what you are putting in and doing to your body (what is your food intake as well as exercise routine like). I’m currently working with my holistic authorities on creating (daily) protocols for my family and myself so that we can function optimally and require less dependence, if at all, on traditional medicine. All my research has broadened my mind and strengthened my resolve to avoid medicating my family and myself.

Looking into my 40s when my kids will grow into teenagers, I believe it is a pivotal time to really cement these practices so that they are a habitual part of our lives. I want my children to understand this way of living so that they have no problems keeping it up into their adulthood. Health is most definitely your biggest wealth. If I can pass that onto my children, then I’ve done a good job.

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