Music review: Jonas Blue performs 3 new songs at HK show


HONG KONG – A day before the release of the official music video of his new single “Mama,” British hitmaker Jonas Blue held an intimate show at the 1563 at the East in Hong Kong last May 17.

It was attended by an ecstatic crowd, who grooved to every beat being played at the dimly lit bar even before that night’s main event. 

The free-flowing drinks helped keep concertgoers in a party mood while waiting to hear the English songwriter’s music.

Before Jonas Blue took the stage, the crowd was treated to the covers of Hong Kong artist Aga, who was his opening act. Among the songs she performed was an acoustic version of Coldplay’s “Yellow” that entirely got the crowd singing.

When the emcee finally introduced Jonas Blue, the night’s star was welcomed by deafening screams and cheers from the audience. He repeatedly declared how happy he was to be in Hong Kong for the first time.

Not wanting to prolong the waiting of his fans, Jonas Blue introduced his vocalist Liza Owen before hitting the keyboard for his first song.

“I’m sure all of you know this,” he quipped. True enough, his set-list began with his version of “Fast Car,” which easily topped charts around the world and earned him a Brit Awards nomination when it was first released in 2015.

The next three songs gave the audience a glimpse of what they can expect from Jonas Blue in the coming months.

In an interview organized by MCA Music Inc. the following day, Jonas Blue told ABS-CBN News how excited he is for people to hear these three new songs.

“The first one that I did was called ‘Back in the Day’. That’s a song that’s forthcoming which I am really excited about. I wrote that in LA. I love that song. 

“And then I have a song called ‘Heartbeat.’ It is a very special song to me. It’s more emotional, quite deep. Very different from my sound, from what people know me like upbeat songs. I try to do something new every time, every single. ‘Heartbeat’ is definitely one of those songs that is not similar to the other release. 

“And then another song called ‘You Get Me Higher.’ We did a slow version of it last night but it’s really upbeat and lively,” he shared.

After the band hit the last notes of “You Get Me Higher,” Jonas Blue announced that he would be performing his last song. It was none other than his third single “By Your Side.”

But who would settle for a Jonas Blue concert without hearing “Perfect Stranger”? It’s one of the reasons why a lot of people know him now anyway.

Much to the delight of the entreating fans, Jonas Blue said he would only change sets and play a DJ setlist soon after.

Upon coming back on stage, Jonas Blue began his DJ set with “Perfect Strangers” and ended it with “Mama.” Throughout the set, he occasionally took his phone out to take photos and videos of him and his fans to upload on social media.

Indeed, there wasn’t a blue moment at this intimate Hong Kong show of Jonas Blue.

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