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by Allan Nawal

MARAWI CITY– Officials and workers of the Mindanao State University (MSU) system main campus here are engaged in come-on campaign to court prospective enrollees following the public scare stemming from the still brewing crisis in some sections of this large city.

One of the measures is an offer of free transportation and slogan-embedded T-shirts for students registering early to enroll in the MSU main campus.

Map of Marawi City.
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The registration will start on July 31 and the first 100 registrants will be refunded their transport fees and given free T-shirts, according to an MSU campaign posted in Facebook lately.

Another measure is the spread of ardent appeals by the MSU leadership to other universities in Mindanao not to court students previously enrolled and granted free tuition in the main campus here.

“We have made initial coordination with other universities not to court or persuade students enrolled in our campus, especially those already granted free tuition,” Dr. Habib Macaayong, MSU system president, told the Bulletin.

Dr. Macaayong said they do not expect an  increase in enrollment due to the strife-spawned public scare, but academic officials are working hard to maintain the number of 17,000 students enrolled in their main campus last semester.

While the MSU main campus has not been physically affected by the intermittent skirmishes, it  opted to conduct on July 13 the commencements exercises rites for its 1,700 graduates in Iligan City, particularly at campuses of the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology and the Salle Academy.

The out-of-campus graduation rites broke a 56-year old tradition in the MSU system, but it was done for the comfort of the graduates since Iligan City has also been sheltering many of more than 200,000 evacuees from this city, Dr. Macaayong said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Macaayong appealed to persons of interest to stop lobbying for the university presidency in a fashion he perceived to be laced with character assassination.

The Supreme Court has already ruled with finality a petition by individuals including some applicants questioning his appointment on March 8, 2016, Macaayong said in a Facebook post.

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