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One big Halloween hangover


By Paulyne L. Fermin

As a parent, I try to make every occasion fun and memorable for the children. Although the kids are now 14 and six years old, Halloween remains as one of their favorite events. This year, my daughter and I went back and forth about our costume choices. She wanted to dress up as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. I thought I’d match her with a Poison Ivy get-up. But in the end, we decided to dress up as family—The Addams Family to be more exact. This got us all excited! I immediately contacted artists John and Juno Macrohon (I featured their handpainted sneakers last year) and asked if they would be willing to transform our front lawn into the Addams Family Manor. Both said yes immediately.

In the Graveyard The author’s family dressed up as the Addams Family for Halloween.

Diy Design

Getting all spooky giddy does not mean spending needlessly. I knew I had to get creative when it came to the costumes. Once we agreed on the costumes, I scoured the racks in the malls for pieces I can put together. I found a long black top (R299) which I knew could be worn as a dress by my daughter as Wednesday Addams. For her white collar trapping, I made use of felt paper and covered it with waterproof decorative plastic, punched holes on the sides and tied it around her neck. A pair of jack-o-lantern knee socks finished the look. Then I found two separate pieces (R999 for both) for my Morticia outfit. Anjelica Houston would be proud! All I needed for my son was a black and white striped shirt (R300) and he was ready to be Pugsley. The tricky part was recreating Gomez Addams look. The husband did not want to wear an actual suit so I just asked the Macrohon designers to make one out of cardboard and to place a chopped hand on the shoulder (Remember the THING from the movie?) We had to cut the sleeves in two parts so the person wearing it could move. I just drew his mustache with an eyeliner. Ingenious, creative, and inexpensive!

Hallow's Eve Street Party Ninjas, the Pink Ladies, and ghouls enjoying the day's festivities.

Hallow’s Eve Street Party Ninjas, the Pink Ladies, and ghouls enjoying the day’s festivities.

The Witching Hour

The rain threatened to ruin the day’s festivities. It was good that I specifically asked for all decors to be waterproof but what good use would it be if the downpour won’t abate? And just like that, the sun showed itself just enough for every ghoul, ghost, princess, dragon, and all costume clad creature to walk the streets for our yearly village Halloween party.

Trick or Treat Kids came out to get their sweets!

Trick or Treat Kids came out to get their sweets!

We opened our gates to excited and cute revelers. I saw three girls dressed up as Moana, a group of Ninjas who had Japanese accents, superheroes, the Pink Ladies from Grease, the Ghostbusters, a unicorn,  and little Flamenco dancers. The two boxes of treats which I bought ran out after just an hour and a half. This did not stop the people, however, from stopping by and having their photos taken in our graveyard and by the scarecrows on our lawn.

Hundreds of photos after and bags filled with sweets later, we headed off to another village to watch a live Disney show mounted by a family friend. What a freaky fun Hallow’s eve celebration! Now who should we dress up as for next year?

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