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By Anna Liza Villas-Alavaren

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said several traffic-reduction measures are on the agency’s table to address the huge volume of vehicles congesting the Metro Manila streets.

Metro Manila Development Authority (Manila Bulletin File)

MMDA Chairperson Danilo Lim said the increasing number of vehicles remains to be the reason behind traffic gridlock in Metro Manila.

“Registered vehicles in Metro Manila are over 2. 67 million, that’s 35-36 percent of registered vehicles in the Philippines. Roads in Metro Manila are only 5 to 6 percent or road network in the country. We are facing a big problem here,” said Lim.

With the help of traffic experts, Lim said they are looking into odd-even scheme and three-digit number coding schemes as possible replacement to existing Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction or number coding scheme.

“We really need to cut the vehicles on the road. But for now, we are concentrating on instilling discipline and enforcing traffic rules on the road,” said Lim.

To ease traffic problems, Lim said Metro Manila needs additional roads, subways, bridges, which are still underway.

“There is no overnight solution to the traffic situation in this country. But with forceful implementation, with discipline cooperation of everybody, somehow we can restore order in our streets, and hopefully make life here in Metro Manila more vibrant and livable,” said Lim.

Admitting that the MMDA cannot address traffic problems alone, Lim hopes to bring the different sectors together and secure their cooperation.

“All of us are affected by traffic. We need the coordination and cooperation of everybody. I know that people have been sacrificing a lot. The MMDA cannot address traffic alone; we need a multi-sectoral approach here.  I know the disappointment of the people,” he noted.

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