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US President Donald Trump with Melania Trump (JIM WATSON / AFP)

US first lady Melania Trump is in town to accompany her husband President Donald Trump for the 31st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Leaders’ Summit and Related Meetings from Nov. 13-15.

Melania, 47, grew up in Yugoslavia and she speaks five languages – Slovenian, English, French, German and Serbian. She is the first US First Lady to be born in a communist country. She has a half-brother.

As she embraces her role in politics, Melania said that her son Barron is the priority for now.

“Barron is the priority for now. I am very involved in his life,” the former fashion model told Us Magazine.

Arriving on a chauffeured Cadillac Escalade, Melaniadrops off and picks up her son everyday.

One local told the same magazine that Melania is always camera-ready when she arrives in school but is very sweet and kind.

During school hours, Melania focuses on her jewelry line business. Sometimes, she catches up on her favourite television series “How To Get Away With Murder” starring Viola Davis. She loves to hear early 70s romantic tunes.

At 3 p.m., Melania shifts to her mother mode and focuses again on her 10-year-old son, according to Us Magazine. She helps her son in his homework and after-school programs.

Mr. Trump and Melania love to play chess. If the President is home, the three of them will eat a meal prepared by their private chef, report said. “We love to catch up on our daily life and to have dinner. When you’re together and you have great conversations, it’s priceless.”

Melania said that she hopes to raise Barron happy and healthy in Washington, D.C.

“I’m here to be his teacher, his guide. I think it’s very important,” she said.

Melania also vowed to be a welcoming first lady. “I will put my energy and everything into that.”

Donald and Melania
The former Melania Krauss is the third wife of President Trump.

Melania first came to the US in 1996. She obtained a green card and became a lawful permanent resident in 2001, applying as a model.

It was in 1998 when Melania and Trump began dating. They tied the knot in 2005.

Trump was initially married to Czechoslovakian Ivana Zelnickova in 1977. They have three children – Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. Trump and Ivana separated in 1992.

Then, the business mogul started dating former television personality Maria Maples. They got married in 1993. They have a daughter named Tiffany. Donald and Maria called it quits in 1999.

When Donald and Melania got married, it was reported that two of the special guests at the wedding were Bill and Hillary Clinton.

GQ reported that Melania wore a $100,000 Dior wedding gown with 1,500 crystals. It was made for 550 hours or for almost 23 days.

Melania had a difficult time to walk with the Dior gown so she decided to change to a Vera Wang Grecian dress for the poolside party, reports said. She also wore a £1.5 million 12-carat wedding ring.

Other guests in their wedding were top model and television host Heidi Klum, ace journalist Barbra Walters and television personality Simon Cowell. (Robert R. Requintina)

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