‘Meant to be’: What made Toni, Piolo agree to do a reunion movie


She described it as fate weaving her hand to make it happen. 

But thankful as she may be that the stars did align eventually, Toni Gonzaga revealed that she had to claw her way to get her starring role in “Last Night” opposite Piolo Pascual. 

“Nilaban ko talaga dahil gusto ko talaga itong script na ito,” she said, before sharing a conversation she had with Olivia Lamasan, currently the head of ABS-CBN’s Creative Department. 

“I remember that I talked to her pa dahil may mga instances na hindi talaga magtutugma at hindi ko talaga magagawa. Pero ayon, I really fought for the character.” 

“Gusto ko kasi iyong karakter ni Carmina. Habang binabasa ko iyong script, na-picture ko na kung paano ko siya gagawin at kung paano namin siya gagawin ni [Piolo]. So masaya talaga ako.”

In the movie, directed by Joyce Bernal with a script written by Bela Padilla, Gonzaga plays Carmina, a woman who, as she described, is at the “lowest” point of her life. 

She then meets the similarly troubled Mark (Pascual) and proposed to him that they spend their “last night” together. 

Gonzaga said that the movie was “worth” the time being away from her son, Seve, her first with husband, Paul Soriano. 

“Ang na-realize ko na it takes a lot of effort for me to accept a project now kasi I make sure na whenever I leave the house that takes me away from Seve, it’s worth it. And this one is.” 

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Gonzaga was speaking at a blogger’s conference held Sunday afternoon, which was also attended by Pascual. 

The Kapamilya actor said he agreed to do the movie, his first with Gonzaga since the 2014 hit, “Starting Over Again,” because it had a “risky” love story front and center. 

“Hindi namin inisip iyong pressure [of it matching the success of ‘Starting Over Again’] when they suggested it because we both fell in love with the story,” he said. 

“Last Night” will hit cinemas nationwide on September 27. 

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