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By Victoria Ashley Chu Cheng

Imagine walking into a room and smelling the wonderful scent of beef soup and seeing dumplings being freshly made. Does that make you want to drool? Well, that imagination just became a reality as Mazendo had their soft opening at S Maison last May 19.

  • Taiwan in the Philippines Authentic Taiwan style dumplings and more are now available at Mazendo at S Maison, Conrad Manila

The story of how Mazendo came to the Philippines all started when a young man wanted to bring flavors of his mother’s hometown back to the Philippines. Christopher Cua, owner of Cha Time and now Mazendo, brought all our Taiwan beef noodle dreams here to Manila. He decided to bring Taiwan’s specialty here because he wants to introduce the flavors of Taiwan to the local Filipinos. Mazendo is a restaurant that serves Taiwan comfort food such as beef noodle soup, dumplings, fried rice, and many more. This makes it the first authentic Taiwan style beef noodle soup restaurant here in the Philippines. They are, however, well known for their mala noodles and sesame noodles, which is how the name Mazendo came about. Not only do they serve such foods, but they also provide some of the best sellers of Cha Time on their menu. Now you can satisfy both your noodle and milk tea cravings all in one meal. Each ingredient is carefully selected and made, in order to meet the standards of good quality Taiwan comfort food, which is why they make their noodles and dumplings in the restaurant fresh every day. Not only is the food comforting, but the environment also makes me feel at home. The restaurant was designed similarly to the actual restaurant in Taiwan, from the brick like walls to the cement floors. They added, however, their own taste by putting paintings on the wall that will let people passing by know that it is a beef noodle restaurant.

So if you are craving for authentic Taiwan style dumplings and beef noodle soup, look no further, Mazendo has come to your rescue. It will surely bring a smile to your face and your belly.

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