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The people of Argentina celebrated their National Holiday, also known as May Revolution (Dia de la Revolucion de Mayo), on May 25 to commemorate the last day of a weeklong political event in Buenos Aires in 1810 that led to the installation of the first government in Argentina that was not controlled by Spain. Although the May Revolution was initially intended to express or show loyalty to the Spanish crown, it started the process that paved the way for the independence of Argentina.

The day is usually marked with parades and marches, concerts, fireworks, and public meetings. Traditional cuisines are also served in every territory. Free rides are usually offered by most of the public transports in the country, particularly for those who would like to watch and participate in the festivities. Special services are conducted in churches and plays are staged in the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires, the capital. The day is capped with the playing and singing of Argentina’s National Anthem.

Officially known as the Argentine Republic, Argentina shares a large portion of the southern cone of South America with neighboring Chile on the west. It is also bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay in the north, Brazil in the northeast, Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the Drake Passage in the south. Its capital and most populous city is Buenos Aires, which translates into “fair winds.”

Argentina and the Philippines share a common history in that both are former colonies of Spain. The two countries have enjoyed over six decades of warm and friendly relations. Argentina became the first Latin American country with which the Philippines established bilateral relations. In September, 2012, Argentine Republic’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship Hector Timerman met with Philippine officials to discuss the broadening of the two countries’ relations and possible people and cultural engagements. In February 19, 2014, the two countries held the 2nd Bilateral Consultation Meeting in Manila where they agreed to further enhance bilateral trade relations. Argentina has an embassy in Makati City while the Philippines maintains an embassy in Buenos Aires.

We greet the people and government of the Argentine Republic led by President Mauricio Macri on the occasion of its National Day.

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