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Stephon Marbury (AP Photos)

Stephon Marbury (AP Photos)

Stephon Marbury believes he can still play in the NBA. With the clamor and prayers of fans, Starbury sees himself making a return to the big stage.

“It’s time to combine. My next move is the best move. Working on the come back to the #nba,” Marbury posted on Twitter.

Marbury played 13 years in the NBA and 9 years in China. However, it was his Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) stint that made a big change. His ambition and goals inspired athletes from all around the world.

“My body is still in shape. I can go. It’s about the opportunity, though… I want no limits on who I am and what I can do, I have made a life changing status when I moved from the NBA to China,” said Marbury in an exclusive interview.

Marbury recently returned to New York where he gave advice to some NYU students and promoted his brand, Starbury Inc. Things got a bit emotional when one student thanked him for everything he has done for China. Beijing repaid Stephon by putting up two statues, a museum and handing him a green card.

“I thought the perfect ending would be retiring with the Beijing Ducks in China but with all the unexpected circumstances and changes, I see myself making a decision to be back in the big league. I still have a lot in me as a player. At the age of 40 being able to play at a high level is a gift,” adds the two-time NBA all-star.

Marbury won three championships playing for the Beijing Ducks. Earlier this year, he announced that he would be retiring after the 2017-18 season.

“It’s been 22 years playing the game I love. I’ve had a great run and before everything comes to an end, I would love to be back in NBA,” said Marbury. (Sheryl Reyes)

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