Man kills neighbors over old grudges


EFREN DESCUTIDO, 50, surrendered to the police hours after stabbing to death two of his lady neighbors at Barangay Tiwi in Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo late afternoon of July 19, 2017. (Photo courtesy of RMN-Iloilo)


LONG-STANDING petty arguments between neighbors cost the life of an elderly woman and her daughter late afternoon of July 19, 2017 in Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo.

Nelly Bretaña, 81, and her daughter, 51-year old Lilibeth Silvederio, both widows, succumbed to multiple wounds in the different parts of their bodies.

They were declared dead at the Don Jose S. Monfort Medical Center Extension Hospital in Barotac Nuevo town.

Lilibeth’s 13-year old son, Jan-Jan, was wounded on his back and leg.

Chief Inspector Raymond Celoso, Barotac Nuevo police chief, said Jan-Jan is now in stable condition.

The incident happened around 5:45 p.m. inside the victims’ house at Barangay Tiwi.

The suspect, 50-year old Efren Descutido, admitted to attacking the victims.

Descutido, an ex-convict, claimed that he went to his neighbors’ house to settle their latest misunderstanding.

But as he stepped inside the house, Silvederio allegedly kicked him out. When he lost his balance, the woman allegedly attempted to attack him again.

Descutido then pulled a 12-inch knife and stabbed the woman.

Jan-Jan who was sitting on a mono block chair nearby got up, took the chair, and tried to strike Descutido with it.

But the suspect said he parried the attack and also stabbed the boy.

Seconds later, Bretaña joined the fray in a bid to defend her daughter and grandson. But she, too, got stabbed.

Descutido claimed it was not his intention to kill the victims but the two women provoked him.

He also did not plan to flee and even stayed for about three minutes after committing the crime.

But he fled when he saw their neighbors rushing with bolos.

The suspect, with the prodding of his sibling, voluntarily surrendered to police authorities 2:20 a.m. of July 20.




Bad blood between Descutido and the victims stemmed from a lot that separates their properties.

Descutido claimed that he was forced to tear down a portion of his fence and his bathroom after Silvederio claimed that she already bought the piece of land, which originally served as a right of way that extended to a portion of the suspect’s property.

Descutido said he does not own the lot on which his house is standing but he was allowed by its original owner to occupy the property.

Aside from the disputed lot, their disagreement also extended to garbage issues.

Their latest argument was when Silvederio confronted Descutido after he cut off leaves of her kamote plants that crept to a “portion of his property.”

“I just cut off about few inches because the kamote leaves slithered through my alogbate. I did not uproot it,” he said.

Silvederio allegedly confronted him about it. While the confrontation did not irk him, he got slighted by the victim’s shouts.

“She could have told me in a lower voice. That’s I why, I went to their house to settle what happened and to tell her not to shout at me,” Descutido said in the vernacular.

While Silvederio was confronting him, the suspect noted that Bretaña appeared to be mocking her by laughing.

He claimed that anger clouded his judgments, thus he attacked the three victims.

But Descutido said he was sober when the incident happened. He denied using illegal drugs.



In 2005, Descutido put behind bars after he was found guilty of violation of Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

His wife allegedly charged him for physically hurting her following a fight.

Descutido claimed that he got angry and assaulted his wife after the latter went for a trip to Boracay Island for three days without him knowing it.

The woman claimed she was with her relatives during the trip but Descutido doubted.

The couple has nine children.

He then applied for probation and was released from prison in 2012.

His wife, now 49 years old, is already living with another man.

“I did not go after her. If that’s what makes her happy,” he claimed.

While he was in deep remorse, Descutido said he would face the charges against him.

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