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Remember that groom in the viral fast food online series? He is stealing more hearts these days. Oh, and he has a name: Matthias Rhoads.

He may have a strong American accent up to now, being New York-based for many years, but make no mistake about it: Matthias Rhoads embraces being Filipino.

Matthias Rhoads

The model-turned-actor whose mom is a Bicolana loves to eat Filipino food especially Bulalo, Nilaga, Sinigang, and Balut.

He wants to settle here for good and marry a Filipina. So there.

“When I was in America I had the opportunity to meet different colors of the rainbow but I really much prefer a Filipina,” he shared. “Filipinas are raised under very good virtue that allows a beautiful soul to shine beneath and throughout that beautiful superficial feature.”

Asked what qualities he looks for in a potential wife, Matthias wants her to be independent, hardworking and a good cook, like his grandmother.

“I want someone who is strong. Someone who enjoys to exercise and someone who understands the beauty of food,” he said.

Getting there

Matthias admitted he is having a hard time learning the Filipino language – but he won’t surrender.

Among Tagalog phrases he already knows are “Mahal kita,” “Pag-aaralan ko itong mabuti,” and “Masaya ako.”

According to Matthias, learning the Filipino language well might take him two years given his dyslexia before.

“I really had a hard time reading. In fact, my worst subject was the English language, let alone the Tagalog language,” he explained. “But now, I enjoy reading so I think this is the best time for me to learn a new language.”

It’s good his friends talk to him in Filipino.

“I told them na ‘Dahan-dahan lang’ para I can understand if not, ‘Please explain the meaning to me,’” he shared.
Matthias is a bit pressured to learn the local language faster as he thinks doing so is tied to opportunities in local show business.

“Let’s hope for the best,” he said.

Biggest break

It was April this year when Matthias signed with GMA Artist Center (GMAAC), this after his fast food online series went viral.

He is currently seen on the hit drama action series “Super Ma’am.” The actor considers his role on the show the biggest break for him so far. It airs weeknight after “24 Oras.”

In it, he plays Trevor Jones, an archaeologist searching for Minerva’s (Marian Rivera) whereabouts. He is the boyfriend of Jessica (Meg Imperial).

“I like that Trevor (his role) is very intellectual. He likes to studies and he has a big heart. I can tell that my role is a good man and not really a bad person,” he said.

What else should fans look forward to, we asked.

“They should look forward to a kind, understanding, gentleman who is willing to risk it all for the benefit of someone he might be interested in for… and for the betterment of society,” he hinted.

At this point, Matthias has been getting positive response from the viewers who are “impressed” with his acting even though he is a greenhorn.

“A lot of fans are saying that my acting is believable and so I appreciate it,” he said.

But, sigh, there are bashers, too.

“There are some who say ‘Oh you have a horrible American accent and you will never embrace the Filipino culture,’” he related.

The actor is eager to prove them wrong.

“Actually I don’t really like reading social media . But I have to understand where my enemies are coming from. I have to learn from what the enemies say. I will assess it – then block it.”

Newfound friend

Matthias said he usually seeks the help of Marian when it comes to acting.

“It’s like tips of what to be aware of and what should I avoid,” he shared.

He has found a friend in her. He describes the actress “very sweet and caring.”

Matthias hopes to meet Marian’s husband, Dingdong Dantes.

“She is super hard working. She is very confident and has great work ethics. I know she has a big heart. She is someone who is very passionate and that’s very commendable,” he said.

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