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By Anna Liza Villas-Alavaren

The Land Transportation Office has revoked the license of actress and former beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez for driving through the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) lane on November 11.

Jojo Garcia, MMDA assistant general manager for planning, said the LTO barred Lopez from reapplying and reacquiring a license for the next two years.

Maria Isabel Lopez explains herself to Land Transportation Office Law Enforcement Service Director Francis Ray Almora why her license should not be revoked after Lopez was summoned by the LTO regarding her controversial viral video where she breached an ASEAN lane along EDSA-Cubao without security clearance. (PHOTO/ ALVIN KASIBAN)

Aside from the revocation of her license, Garcia said Lopez was also ordered to pay a total of P8,000 for violating three traffic violations: the Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA) with a fine of P5,000, disregarding traffic sign with a penalty of P1,500, and reckless driving, P1,500.

In a resolution dated Nov. 23, Assistant Secretary and LTO chief Edgar Galvante said Lopez “expressly admitted her failure to meet the conditions concomitant with the grant of her license. The defenses she proffered are considered lame and merely self-serving.”

“Worse, she showed no remorse and even publicized with gusto her improper and illegal acts on social media, which betray her utter lack of responsibility as a licensed driver, thus making her an improper person to operate a motor vehicle,” Galvante cited.

The LTO resolution also noted that “a person with a driver’s license is likewise expected to give due consideration to other motorists and pedestrians and avoid committing acts which endanger lives, properties and public safety.

“We are satisfied with the sanctions meted by LTO. At least she was made to suffer the consequences of her actions,” said Garcia. In the agency’s recommendation to LTO, the MMDA sought for Lopez’s license to be “permanently revoked” and bar her “perpetually” from either applying or obtaining a license.

Lopez, whose real name is Maria Isabel Lopez Yokohama, is expected to surrender her license, which will expire on September 2018, within 24-hours upon receipt of the resolution to the office of the LTO Director for Law Enforcement.

The case stemmed after Lopez uploaded her photo and two videos over Facebook, showing her swift drive along the lane designated exclusively for ASEAN Summit delegates while the rest of EDSA was on a standstill.

Lopez also bragged about removing the orange cones delineating the ASEAN lane, drawing a lot of flak from hundreds of netizens after the incident.

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