Lopez lauds former teammate Blatche’s ‘natural partnership’ with Gilas


NO BRAINER. Brook Lopez a fan of Andray Blatche in Gilas Pilipinas.

Brook Lopez knows a thing or two about Filipino food.

Brook Lopez also knows a thing or two about Philippine basketball.

“Just traveling around the country and seeing players in sandals or barefoot, it shows me the true passion and love for the game these people have,” he said on Monday, his second visit to the country.

That was made even truer as Gilas Pilipinas’ naturalized player just so happened to be his teammate for two years. “I know how much he loves the game and how much the Filipino people love the game,” he said, talking about Andray Blatche.

He then continued, “So it was a natural partnership.”

Lopez and Blatche were both on the Brooklyn Nets from 2012 to 2014. “Playing on the same team with him, he’s such an amazing talent. He made things easier for me and he’s just a great person to be around,” the former said.

Three years later, Lopez is the franchise’s all-time leading scorer while Blatche is the Philippine national team’s man in the middle. “It’s great to see him be part of Gilas. I love seeing him playing for this country in that jersey,” the former expressed.

As it turns out, way before he loved seeing Blatche wear the Philippine flag, Lopez was already made aware of how basketball-crazy the country is. “My teammate in high school was Filipino-American. He told me all about the passion for the game there is here,” he shared.

He then continued, “But as much as he said, it still didn’t prepare me for all the love for the game that I saw here.”

The Nets’ all-time scoring leader is here to grace the official start of the partnership between NBA Philippines and insurance provider AXA.

Under the partnership, AXA is set to become a backer of the NBA’s grassroots programs in the Philippines such as Jr. NBA and NBA 3X.

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