LOOK: Richard has message for John Lloyd, Angel


As Sandrino, Richard Gutierrez may have mercilessly killed off John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin’s characters in “La Luna Sangre.” 

But Gutierrez in real-life is far from the vicious character he portrays in the primetime series. 

On Instagram, Gutierrez posted a photo of Cruz and Locsin on set with child actors Erika Clemente and Justin James Quilantang with the caption: “It’s been epic working with these great actors.”

“Genuine people that made it a fun working experience and also made me push myself and further enhance my craft. To Angel, after ten years, it’s nice to finally share the screen with you again, the big screen soon just a teaser for [ChardGel].”

“To John Loyd, always respected you as an actor, but now as an action star as well. Haha! Good times filming our fight scenes. Hoping to be able to work with you again in the future.” 

In Friday’s episode of “La Luna Sangre,” Sandrino finally got his revenge on Mateo and Lia, who killed his father, Magnus, when he attacked the village where the couple were trying to live a peaceful life and raise their child, Malia. 

On Twitter, Locsin thanked those who watched the first episodes of the series. She also shared a clip, in which they could be seen celebrating the birthday of Cruz while shooting. 

Next week will see the first appearance of the show’s lead stars, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. 

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