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But first take a sip and help make the lives of our coconut farmers a little


Vita Coco, your favorite coconut water, teams up with Generation Hope, a cause-oriented, non-profit foundation, for the Vita Coco Hope in a Coconut program to help make our coconut farmers’ lives a little better.

Lately, everyone seems to be going loco over coco, but unfortunately, Manong Farmer and his coconut farming friends just can’t seem to keep up with the high demand. Although the Philippines is the second major grower and supplier of coconut products in the world, it has the lowest harvest among the top five producing countries. To maintain its position, the Philippines will need to amp up its coconut production by at least 50 percent over the next 10 years. Clearly, an intervention is needed to support Manong Farmer improve local farm productivity, and increase the average income of the country’s coconut farmers.

  • Bogart transfers coconut for transportation.

  • Ellen Adarna plants her coconut tree.

Enter, The Vita Coco Hope in a Coconut Program, which is just a part of Vita Coco’s long-term, ongoing global mission to Give, Grow, and Guide and make a meaningful impact not just on their customers, but on the lives of the people they work with.

The Vita Coco Hope in a Coconut Program helps Manong Farmer and his friends reach their full potential and keep up with the crazy demand for coconuts, for this year, and the years to come. The program provides farmers with quality coconut seedlings and teaches them the best farming methods and practices. Manong Farmer and his friends are taught how to generate more sources of income by simply planting other types of crops among their coconut trees as well. The program also promotes education, giving Manong Farmer’s communities access to better learning environments by constructing more classrooms.

The Vita Coco Hope in a Coconut program allows you to directly lend a hand and become a part of strengthening the coconut farming community. From every pack that you purchase, five pesos will go straight to the funds of the program. Just think, the money you’ve pitched in goes directly into growing coconuts, which eventually could end up inside the Vita Coco in the palm of your hand.

Last June, Vita Coco’s own program ambassadors Ellen Adarna and Bogart the Explorer headed to General Santos, Mindanao to experience the pillars of the Vita Coco Hope in a Coconut program for themselves. The fun-loving pair visited schools where they witnessed just how important the program was to the community. In a school where classes were once held under the shade of nearby trees, now stand 12 classrooms for the students to enjoy! At least 10 more classrooms are in the works, too. Ellen and Bogart also visited a coconut farm, where they got a personal tour from Manong Farmer and a few farmer engagement officers, planted their own coconut trees, and had a crash course on Coconut Farming 101. The two made their way to Vita Coco’s coconut water packing facility where they witnessed how simple and natural it is to produce Vita Coco—from picking, to cracking, to packing! Being a teacher and a farmer for the day helped them realize that coconut farmers and the farming communities need as much help as they can get. Now, they and the farming communities they’ve visited have a fruitful story to tell.

Jump on to the brand’s website at www.vitacoco.com/ph to learn more. Tell your friends all about the program and follow the conversation at @VitaCocoPh. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HopeInACoconut. More important, don’t forget to take a sip for our coconut farmer today!

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