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Invest in great photographs to capture the fleeting moments of childhood


by Amanda Griffin Jacob

We all know how fleeting childhood is. That’s why one of my philosophies is to always try to capture as much of it as I can in photographs. I love taking photos of my children and I love having the professionals capture them in their different signature styles. Here’s what you might not know if you’ve never tried to shoot your kids: It is one of the most challenging things to do. Most children won’t just sit there looking pretty. It takes an incredible amount of work, talent, and patience to catch those magic moments. This is also why I enlist the pros so much of the time. I know that I don’t have the patience to do a good job with my three kids who are on the more high-energy end of the spectrum. It’s also about the photographer’s eye, ability, and genius.

WORK OF ART A photo of the author’s daughter Lila captured by Stanley Ong

One of my absolute favorite family photographers, Stanley Ong of Stanley Ong Photography is always my top go-to when it comes to getting those transient childhood moments frozen in time. He is one of the pioneers of professional family photography here in the Philippines. Not only does he have a beautiful aesthetic, he also has the patience of a saint, and is the best out there when it comes to interaction with children. All my kids LOVE Tito Stan.

One of Stan’s signature styles is his fine art photography. He has been doing it since 2013 and was inspired by the works of multi-awarded Australian photographer Bill Gekas who famously recreated historic paintings with his daughter.

I’m in love with the vintage vibe that transports us to a different time. His portraits present his subjects in a unique manner, one in which you haven’t seen your children. You’re not quite sure if they are photographs or paintings. You could mistake them as photos from a century past.

Fine art photo photography entails quite a bit of preproduction. Research, concept planning, and preparation are key. There are backdrops, props, and costumes. For our shoot with Lila and Kalon, Stan had the touch as per usual. I always wish these photos came with a BTS video so people could fully understand the pure genius at work. Children (especially mine) are always running everywhere, refusing to sit still, need to be bribed, and need to be entertained if we have any hope of creating magic.

But I never worry about the results of my sessions when they are with Stanley because he always manages to produce enchanting photographs of my kids. His fine art portraits of Lila are among my favorites of her so far.

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