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By Floro Mercene

Floro M. Mercene

I simply can’t understand why, whenever a new traffic czar is appointed by the President, the appointee would soon get into action and issue decrees, yet makes the life of the ordinary Filipino more miserable.

And this is true also, not only in the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, and the Land Transportation Office, but also in many other branches of our bureaucracy.

I always refer to the practices of our immediate neighbors because Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Bangkok are culturally close to us.

Their systems work, whether in addressing the traffic issue, the congestion at the airport, and the long lines at their immigration and custom areas, because they took time to think deeply on how to address the problem.

Other countries assign experts in whatever field needs to be addressed to solve a vexing problem. They do the math, so to speak.

There would be graphs and pies and other demonstrations by means of computerized graphics.

And then the experts would proceed to test the system, subject it to a fine-tooth comb, and see if it works in the real world.

Only when the tests have been proven correct will the concerned agency announce its implementation.

Now, let us see how our local officials react when they are directed, as new czar of whatever agency, to address the problem that was thrown at them.

The new appointee has yet to warm his seat and after a few days, voila, he would come up with a new solution. There would be no longer any windshield obstruction. It would be placed on the lower left or right hand side below the line of sight, etc., etc.

In other words, the tyrannical commandment came from on high without proper thought devoted to the problem.

The concerned citizens would object, there would be denunciations and street demonstrations, opposing the new draconian rule. Congress would immediately convene and an investigation would follow, “in aid of legislation.”

(To be continued)

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