Leave the Kids Alone: The Problem With Celebrity Baby Rivalries


Everyone loves talking about celebrity kids—they’re cute and have seemingly more interesting lives than us. Many also follow them because of their famous parents. Couples who can attest to this are Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Both A-list parents often share their lives on social media and fans are always on their toes to know what’s new. Recently, Beyoncé gave birth to her twins, reportedly named Rumi and Sir Carter. The Beyhive called it the best thing to happen in 2017, while others are already creating rivalries between Sir and Kim’s one-year-old son Saint West.

Although it’s still pure speculation, I couldn’t help but wonder why people are brewing up drama between these two kids.

This could be traced back to the beef between Kanye and Jay-Z, and how the former previously badmouthed the Knowles-Carter clan. Not to mention that North West and Blue Ivy Carter never had play dates.

There’s obviously a fallout between the two families, and the fans couldn’t help but put the kids in the spotlight. One fan even went as far as saying that Sir’s name is a “rip-off” of Saint’s. Seriously, guys?

Bustle even noted that if Kanye and Jay-Z’s feud continues, their children’s rivalry “could span decades.” Unless the two clans settle their differences, of course.

Here’s the problem: When someone is a fan of a certain celebrity, they often can’t help but compare them to their “rivals.” In this case, famous kids are put in the spotlight. People make a big deal out of who’s cuter and which baby has the most followers on Instagram (if they have accounts).

Here, we have several celebrity baby accounts. There’s Olivia Reyes, Scarlet Snow BeloPrimo Arellano, and many more. All of them already have a large following even before they learned to walk and talk.

There will always be the “who’s cuter” discussion among these kids, but going as far as pitting them against each other is just wrong. Especially if hateful trolls attack the kids.

Still, whatever beef celebrities have with each other shouldn’t involve their young ones. The fans shouldn’t milk it for their own entertainment and intrigue as well. Most of these kids are still in diapers and learning their ABCs, they are not in that age to even care about rivalries.

Remember: They’re still regular kids regardless of their popularity. If you wouldn’t dare teach a child any form of hate, then you’re smart enough to not create drama among them just because you can.


Photo courtesy of Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account

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