Lea Salonga reacts to Senator Gatchalian’s Twitter meltdown


“THE VOICE” coach and theater actress Lea Salonga shared good advice for public figures on how to deal with haters and bashers online.

Last Tuesday (Jan. 2), Salonga reacted on a story about Senator Sherwin Gatchalian who blamed bashers for his meltdown on Twitter.

“Oh dear. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Being a public figure means having to deal with haters and bashers from time to time, whether in person or on social media. Keeping the eyes on what’s important is what keeps one sane through the craziness,” Salonga said in
her first tweet.

Personally, she said that she doesn’t let her haters and bashers win. Still, Salonga believes that “there are more good people out there than not.”

“Let this be a reminder to celebs, politicos, etc. on social media, only one degree of separation from everyone else. You’re fair game the moment you open an account, and it can really test your patience and resolve,” Salonga said.

She ended her post with, “That said however, we should all engage fully mindful of the impact our words have on one another. Let’s keep all discourses respectful, even when our opinions are contrary to someone else’s. Thanks, that is all.”

Gatchalian was criticized by netizens after he used foul words in his Tweets.

After the controversy, Gatchalian tweeted and said, “Bashers will always bring out the worst in a person no matter what good the person has given in the past. Sadly, the internet created these types of negativity.”

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