Lea Salonga may hugot sa mga baguhang artista


Kung may gustong baguhin ang international Filipino artist at isa sa mentors ng “The Voice Teens” na si Ms. Lea Salonga, ito ay huwag masyadong i-baby or i-spoil ang mga baguhang artista ng mga TV networks kunsaan sila nagsisilbi.

Sa isang post ni Lea sa kanyang Facebook page, nabanggit nito na karamihan sa mga artista ngayon ay masyadong “coddled, catered to, or indulged as if they were God’s gift to mankind”.

Nais ni Lea na tratuhin ang mga artista ngayon tulad sa pagtrato sa mga theater artists.

Pantay-pantay at walang pinapaboran. Basta nagpapaka-professional lang parati sa trabaho.

Malamang ay nakaranas ulit si Lea ng isang insidente kunsaan may unprofessionalism na naganap, pero pinalagpas lang ito ng naturang studio dahil big star ito.

Heto ang buong post ni Lea sa Facebook:

“Had brunch with a bunch of fantastic friends… watched Kinky Boots for the third time (how on earth does Nyoy keep getting better??? Mikkie, can you explain please??? And the Angels… again, KENAT), then had dinner with members of my Atlantis family. And of course by the end of the evening, everyone let loose and crazy, helped along by a bit of red and white wine.

“We talked about people that weren’t present (sige, sana mapraning kayong lahat), those we wished were there, and those we wish to never ever see or work with again. Yes, our passions do run fiery and hot.”

“This was a gathering of theater people. Some of the most disciplined, hardworking, perfectionist, obsessive to a fault, passionate, singleminded and committed people you will ever meet.”

“These are people I have worked with, hope to work with, and/or wish to work with again.

There were no divas with attitudes.These people will not make you wait because they’re having ‘personal problems’. E ano ngayon? Break up kayo ng BF mo? May problema kayo ng asawa mo?

We commiserate, truly, but you have a song to sing right effing now. And that audience and your colleagues will not wait for you, and how inconsiderate you are to even think that they will.”

“Yep, there are artists whose reputations precede them. Sometimes, those reps are stellar.

At others, there are groans followed by exasperated sighs. I wish that wasn’t the case. I wish that there weren’t artists that make what seems like the entire solar system wait while they sort themselves out.”

“I wish that artists weren’t coddled, catered to, or indulged as if they were God’s gift to mankind (sa totoo lang, we’re not… we’re talented, but please, we’re human beings first na puwedeng lumaki ang ulo pag sobrang inuto).”

“I wish that, once the bell rang that it’s time to return to the set, no questions asked, you get your ass to where it needs to be.”

“To the industry professionals that happen to pay my page a visit (actors, producers, studio heads, etc.), can this culture of coddling change?”

“Is it possible to nurture artists in the way that the theater companies have, where everyone is treated equally and is expected to work hard, where the artists’ whims aren’t indulged? Or do I just have my head in the clouds and am wishing for the impossible?”

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