Koskinen: IRS very supportive of tax reform


The International Revenue Service (IRS) fully supports United States President Donald Trump’s tax reform efforts, Commissioner John Koskinen said on Wednesday, July 12.

Describing the present U.S. tax code as a “mess,” Koskinen admitted that even he finds it difficult to fill out his federal returns.

“Nobody’s more supportive of tax simplification than the IRS,” Koskinen told Fox News in a conference in Washington D.C. “The tax code is a mess. It is difficult for the IRS commissioner to fill out his tax returns.”

The tax reform was among Trump’s major 2016 presidential campaign promise, wherein he vowed the simplification of the tax code.

While clarifying that the IRS is only involved with the tax administration and does not meddle with policies, Koskinen said that the agency has been communicating and offering its help to the new administration few weeks after Trump was elected as president.

Koskinen said he has been gathering suggestions from the agency’s employees on ways how to simplify the tax code, pointing out that the reform is one of the agency’s “highest priorities.”

“One of the questions was, ‘If major tax reform simplification was on the table, would there be anybody in the IRS opposed to that?’ I was quick to respond, after having talked to employees, that nobody is more supportive of tax simplification than the IRS,” Koskinen said.

He went on to say, “Most people want to be compliant, but when you make it very difficult for them…to work through the various nooks and crannies, it doesn’t seem, to me, to be in the best interest of the taxpayer or government.”

Koskinen also remarked that the agency is eager to implement changes and make it more effective and easier to understand.

“If you have an idea, oftentimes you can implement it in a way that is very complicated,” he added. “There can be more straightforward or simpler ways to do it.” (Dana Sioson/AJPress)

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