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The Korean aviation industry will take a quantum leap as Incheon Airport Passenger Terminal 2 (T2) opens on January 18, 2018.

With cutting-edge technology, an eco-friendly architectural design and many other convenient passenger facilities, the Incheon International Airport will strengthen its position as a main hub in Northeast Asia. As T2 becomes a benchmark for successful world-class airports, the terminal will eradicate problems that occurred in T1.

With this comes Korean Air’s relocation to the new terminal. On opening day, the nation’s largest flagship carrier will welcome passengers with an automated and innovative airport service.

Korean Air, a key airline of T2, will also work in cooperation with other SkyTeam airlines to seek ways to attract transit passengers, such as the Joint Venture with Delta Air Lines. SkyTeam’s three more airlines to operate out of T2 include Delta Air Lines, Air France and KLM.

In this regard, the opening of T2 is an important opportunity to enhance the competitiveness of Incheon Airport and the Korean aviation industry.

Incheon International Airport will strengthen its position as a main hub in Northeast Asia with the opening of T2. Incheon Airport/Released

Exclusive terminal for SkyTeam

Passengers of the four airlines (Korean Air, Delta Air Lines, Air France and KLM) must depart and arrive at T2 from January 18.

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It is essential that the road signage for T2 is followed by all passengers driving to the airport. When using public transportation, it is necessary to check the right terminal. Even though there is a shuttle service between T1 and T2, it takes at least 20 minutes moving between the terminals.

The four airlines moving into T2 are some of the most important SkyTeam members. Airline alliances always strive for consistent and seamless customer service between their members and T2, being exclusive toSkyTeam, is able to provide their frequent flyers with this consistency, including check-in, lounge, boarding and a reduced transit time.

The new terminal will enable passengers of the four airlines to experience a more convenient and transformed airport service.

Addressing T1’s issues

T1 has sometimes struggled with operating multiple security checks and immigration services. In T2, these are centralized into two sections for a more efficient system. It will also introduce 24 of the newest screening devices, which will enhance the security process and save time.

The technology in this terminal ensures passengers’ check-in, immigration and transit time is significantly shorter than before. Incheon Airport analyzes that it will reduce by up to 20 minutes compared to T1.

The waiting time for their checked luggage will be shortened by a high-speed system to transport baggage. The design of the baggage carousel has been modified to an upward conveyor type and unlike the downward slope type to hopefully prevent damage.

Meanwhile, the access to the airport will be more convenient than before. The transportation center 2 — where public transportation facilities such as the bus and airport train are in one building — is located right beside T2. Passengers do not have a long walk to get a bus or train as the distance has been shortened from 233m to 59m, compared to T1.

Korean Air has fully participated in the construction of T2, from design to planning, bringing their expertise in airport operation. It has increased the number of check-in kiosks and automated bag-drop machines at T2. In addition, T2 has an approximately 2.4 times wider space in the customer waiting room, security check and check-in counters for transit passengers, than in T1.

Special service for high class passengers

The exclusive check-in facilities for high-class passengers will only be available at T2.

At T2, Korean Air will welcome First Class passengers at a new “Premium check-in Lounge” with a one-stop concierge service, including check-in, baggage check, immigration information and even welcome drinks. Prestige Class passengers and frequent flyers such as Million Miler Club and Morning Calm Premium members will be welcomed at “Premium Check-in Counters” in a separate space.

After the check-in procedure, customers will enjoy an extraordinary experience at the newly opened Lounges. A luxurious lounge with only 30 seats is ready to welcome First Class passengers, and west and east located lounges with 400 seats and 200 seats, respectively, will provide a haven where Prestige Class passengers can relax and wait for their flights.

In addition, a lounge exclusively for Korean Air high milers, including Million Miler Club and Morning Calm Premium members, will open separately to further enhance the service for Korean Air Premium customers.

Global airline knowledge

Based on accumulated airport operating experience, Korean Air will actively support the transfer and settlement to T2.

The airline is already preparing for a full-scale operation, including simulating various situations, from check-in to boarding, ahead of the opening next year. It is actively seeking solutions to various problems that may arise in these situations.

The airport’s efficient management is another point for Korean Air to focus on — especially MARS (Multi Aircraft Ramping System) gate, which is adapted for the first time in Korea and will allow smooth management of flight schedules.

MARS gate is a system enabling the management of two compact aircraft (Class C) independently in a space used for one large aircraft (Class E, F). At peak time, it allows flexible utilization of the gates in order to keep flight time on schedule.

Korean Air will successfully settle in at T2 by maximizing its strengths to enhance the passenger’s convenience and increase the number of transfer passengers.


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