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By Kathrina Pineda

Having plants inside your home does more than serve as a nifty decoration, and improve aesthetics. Houseplants have a handful of benefits, especially for our health. Get convinced to grow and care for houseplants with these 8 important reasons:

1. Cleaner air

As we were all taught, plants exhale oxygen while we do carbon dioxide. Plants naturally remove toxins present in the air, including gases like formaldehyde from cigarette smoke, rugs, grocery bags, and vinyl, benzene and trichloroethylene that are found in man-made fibers, solvent, sinks, and paint.

2. Mood booster

Being with nature is one effective way to reduce stress – that is why having plants around the house seem to ease tension and gives off positive energy. Our green buddies will help us feel more relaxed; thus, increasing our productivity, creativity, decision-making, and idea creation.

3. Less risk of illness

Cleaner air leads to a healthier individual. According to, less indoor pollution means less stroke risk by 34 percent, 26 percent less heart disease, less respiratory infections in children by 12 percent, and 6 percent less risk of lung cancer.

4. Self-grown supplies

Save up on your groceries by having an indoor garden and by learning how to properly grow these plants is the best part. You can even grow plants that you can use for home remedies.

5. Natural allergens

Being around plants can help toughen up the immune system. Plants are allergens that can work as allergy shots. It will help you build resistance to decrease symptoms and use of medications.

6. Reduce noise

A lesser known fact: plants help reduce noise pollution. The stems, branches, woods, and other parts of it absorb sound. So, if you’re someone who likes the peace and quiet, you do not have to spend much on noise-cancelling headphones, plants could do the trick.

7. Humidifier

Plants are also natural humidifiers. They release moisture vapor through photosynthesis which increases humidity. Having a plant or two can save you some bucks for a humidifier.

8. Improve mental health

Taking care of a living creature helps when you are depressed and feeling down in the dumps. Much like taking care of a baby, or a pet, you will feel a sense of purpose in life.

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