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MANILA, Philippines — So what’s wrong with John Lloyd Cruz having a good time with friends at a resort in Cebu?

Four videos have been posted on social media and because a big star is in them, they instantly went viral, spawning varied reactions.

So what if JLC is shown in those videos apparently inebriated, flashing the middle finger while swinging his head, holding a knife aloft and then dropping it to the table, and sitting beside a row of LPG tanks?

JLC was just like any normal person making fun of himself and his companions (including his rumored girlfriend Ellen Adarna) while having fun. You and I would do the same things (if not something more “shocking”) during an outing, wouldn’t we?

JLC was doing it in private, as a private person, and not in front of cameras as a public property. He has been working very hard and he deserved to enjoy himself (away from the camera and far, far from the maddening crowd) any way he wants to.

Reacting to the “much ado over nothing” on social media, was it really JLC who posted this (unedited): diz iz mi lerning. very humbling but I do apologize to the little boys & girls. no regrets babies just life revealing its raw beauty.  

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Really now, JLC has nothing to apologize for. Whoever uploaded those videos is the one who owes especially JLC an apology, and he should do it pronto!

Here’s how ABS-CBN feels about the whole mess in an official statement:

JLC works hard as an actor…18-hour days at a stretch. He was just letting off some steam. In this age of an all-pervasive social media, what is ok and innocent in private becomes worthlessly controversial in public. He will have learned his lesson to be more careful in the future.

Moral of the story?

Choose the company you keep…and stay out of video-camera range!

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