JOE III TO REVIEW JED’S APPOINTEES: New mayor keeps city admin, legal officer


ILOILO City Mayor Jose Espinosa III

ILOILO CITY Mayor Jose Espinosa III has created a team to review the performance of department heads, executive assistants, and employees appointed in confidence by his predecessor, Jed Patrick Mabilog.

“This is a new administration, and co-terminus employees are considered resigned,” Espinosa said.

Espinosa, who was installed as full-fledged mayor ON Oct 30, 2017, said he created a selection and evaluation team to review the performance of Mabilog’s co-terminus department and task force heads and executive assistants before he reconsiders their reappointments.

“Let’s see if they performed,” he said, adding that the reappointments will be based on effectiveness and track record of the person.

In Executive Order No 106 dated Nov 2, 2017, Espinosa created the Special Selection & Evaluation Team (SSET) to perform the following:

-review and evaluate the performance and/or records of all existing confidential Department Heads and employees;

-to make recommendation as to whether or not they deserve reappointment and to highlight the very position they are best suitable and qualified for; and

-to review and evaluate the track record of those who may desire to become part of the confidential appointees of the new mayor and identify the office/position best suited to their nature, character and qualifications.

SSET is chaired by Remia Regalado, city government assistant department head. The members are Rommel Castro, sports development officer; Roberto Divinagracia, city engineer; and Leo Elevencione, department head of Human Resource Management Office.

According to EO No. 106, the termination of appointment of department heads and executive assistants gives Espinosa “a wide latitude of discretion to appoint any person in the vacated positions.”

Mabilog appointed 16 executive assistants when he was still mayor.

Meanwhile, Espinosa has kept two important co-terminus appointees of the Mabilog administration – lawyers Hernando Galvez as city administrator and Lorna Laurea as city legal officer.

“For the continuity of service, we reappointed them immediately; they are department heads, not executive assistants,” Espinosa said.

Galvez took his oath of office before Espinosa morning of Nov 2, 2017, days after he tendered his courtesy resignation on Oct 30, 2017.

Galvez said he welcomes his reappointment and thanked Espinosa for trusting him.

Espinosa used to head the CLO where Galvez rose through the ranks.

“This is another challenge to us…under a new set of officers,” Galvez said, adding: “I find no reason not to accept Mayor Espinosa’s invitation…Hopefully, we can help the city mayor and other people through this position,” Galvez said.

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