Is Trump crying ‘emperor’s new clothes’ over climate change?


U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s recent move to bolt out from the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change, which was signed by 154 countries on Earth Day, April 22, 2016, appears increasingly like the classic fable about the “Emperor’s New Clothes”.

The story goes that a gullible vain emperor hired the best tailors to design the best expensive clothes, which con-artist tailors said were invisible. Spellbound to believe his words as the law, all his subjects allowed him to parade his “new clothes”, only to realize the truth when a boy shouted “the emperor has no clothes”.

Trump says truth or “alternative fact?” Is Trump saying another alternative fact or is he saying the truth against Al Gore’s documentary, Inconvenient TRUTH, on the anthropogenic or man-made causes of global warming?

We may not like Trump’s obnoxious behavior and Islamophobic, racial and misogynist remarks in the past, but he may have discovered the proverbial “emperor’s clothes” on climate change that he is willing to risk the fear of getting the US isolated, or incurring the ire of global environmentalists over the climate agreement championed by former President Obama.

Mounting evidence shows that climate change is real and has been changing daily constantly for billions of years, contrary to the propaganda it is caused by man-made industrial and transport emissions.

Is it man-made or Mann-made? The main argument of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and by Al Gore’s climate-change documentary is the Hockey Stick theory by climatologist Michael Mann.

Mann’s study of global temperature in the past 1,000 years recorded temperature spikes starting in the 19th century showing a hockey stick-shaped graph, which politically motivated environmentalists link to man-made industrial and vehicle emissions. They took earth samples from the polar region and made correlations between carbon dioxide (CO2) residues capturing temperature levels. Logically, the further back CO2 levels dissolve with time and more recent years show increasing concentrations, but Mann’s correlation is a nonsequitor or highly flawed as it does not establish causality or cause and effect.

Many scientists have debunked this with their voluminous literature on the Internet. Some 31,000 scientists even signed a petition opposing climate lies peddled a la Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels. Many scientists resigned from IPCC, which is composed more of government and political advocacy groups.

Facts don’t follow theory. The Global Warming Swindle documentary aired on British TV revealed the opposite to the propaganda that an increase in CO2 leads to global warming, followed by climate change. Prof. Philip Stott of the University of London, noted when humans were not yet producing CO2, we had ice ages and warm periods. In the 14th century Europe had a little ice age, as shown by illustrations of people skating on the Thames River. But medieval England had a warm climate, as manifested in the writings of English poet Chaucer and the remnants of sites all over, like vineyards, Vine Hill, Vine Street, Vinery, etc.

At the turn of the 19th century temperatures rose by half-percent Celsius, but during the post-World War economic boom up to 1975, they dropped even when CO2 rose to their peaks with industrialization, thus negating the global warming theory.

More proof from Moore. Greenpeace’s cofounder scientist Patrick Moore left Greenpeace when it turned political and unscientific on many issues, starting with its “Global Chlorine Ban”, when it is only chlorine that can purify water on a mass scale. Chlorine evaporates in 30 minutes, making water safe. Moreover, 75 percent of medicines are chlorine-based.

CO2 may have increased from 295 parts per million (ppm) to 400 ppm the past two centuries, this is still a negligible 0.0004 of 100 percent. Over the last 600 million years, CO2 levels even hit 2,000 ppm, which is ideal for plants, Moore said. One gets dizzy only at 30,000 ppm.

We even need more CO2 to develop agriculture. CO2 is also used as a refrigerant and dry ice, which are good for preserving food. There is even a web site, I Love, but why restrict CO2, if the bigger greenhouse gas is water vapor, which is 850 percent stronger than CO2, and 2.1 million percent more in volume than CO2. In fact, without water vapor, the Earth will be 14 percent colder.

Apparently, there are interests that do not want poor countries to industrialize by putting a cap on CO2, which means to go slow on industrialization.

Greenpeace and groups, like the World Wildlife Fund, also push for costly age-old renewable energy. Windmills made of steel are efficient, but are no different than Holland’s 12th-century wooden mills, both dependent on unreliable wind velocity. Solar energy is another with very low-energy flux density, but may still be appropriate in remote areas.

Why so fast about the fuzz? Records show that with its massive industrialization, China now shares 23.43 percent of global CO2, even higher than the US’s 14.69 percent. India shares 5.7 percent; Russia, 4.87 percent; Japan, 3.61 percent; Germany, 2.23 percent; South Korea, 1.75 percent; and the Philippines, a miniscule 0.24 percent. And yet remnants of Obama’s influence at the local US AID office are still pushing for greenhouse-gas accounting, and ignoring air pollution that causes scores of thousands of deaths with carbon monoxide levels alone even over twice that of CO2. The climate agreement limits the increase in global temperature to 1.5 °Celsius, which means ridiculously zero greenhouse-gas emissions between 2030 and 2050.

But what’s the fuzz, and why so fast? If climate change is not caused by humans, but by seven to eight other natural reasons, the insidious hidden agenda must be slow genocide on a mass scale. Perhaps, we need to change the climate of governance and relearn the issues on climate change.




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