Is Sharon bankrupt? Megastar explains ‘I owe so much money’ post


‘Megastar’ admits to being stripped of inheritance money

Sharon Cuneta left her fans speculating whether she is on the verge of bankruptcy or not after acknowledging having massive debt early last month. But according to the “Megastar,” there is nothing to worry about.

Speaking on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on Friday, Cuneta explained that while she owes millions of dollars, the investments she made in the past, which she did not detail, are more than enough to tide her over this rough patch once she sells them. 

“My investments cost 8 to 9 figures and it’s not easy to sell something that costs P150 million. That’s like $3 million,” she said, adding: “I have enough. I am sorry and I don’t mean to brag, I am not bankrupt. I have been a billionaire before I married Kiko [Pangilinan].” 

In continuing, she referred back to her controversial post: “Ibig lang sabihin lang ng, ‘I owe so much money and there’s no one to help me’ –ang parang ano ko lang, ‘kung nandito lang ang daddy ko.’ Ang dami niyang tinulungan yumaman, tapos wala pala akong malalapitan.” 

Cuneta is the daughter of the late Pasay City mayor Pablo Cuneta and Elaine Gamboa, who died two years ago. 

‘Wala kaming minana’

But if Cuneta coolly shrugged off allegations of her being bankrupt, frustration got the better of her when she emotionally revealed that she and her siblings were stripped of their inheritance money. 

Near tears, she said: “My parents trusted the wrong people and I am angry. …My mom, a nurse of hers stole the money that came from the sale of our house from Dasmariñas where we grew up. I mean, wala kaming minana.”

Cuneta broke down some more over their Dasmariñas family home later on in the show when asked about what she misses the most right now. 

“I miss you, daddy. I miss you so much. I miss my life with you. I miss our house in Dasma, I miss being your child. I miss, little Sharon. I miss Sharon in her 20s. I miss you, mama. …I miss being free to be me,” she admitted. 

At that point, host Boy Abunda had to comfort Cuneta and escort her back to her seat. 

‘Start of the controversy’

The brouhaha over Cuneta’s financial status began when she took to Facebook to answer rumors about her solo trip to the US, admitting to having debt and being “the poorest, most cash-strapped billionaire.” 

She later took to her same Facebook account to calm her fans, especially her business partners. 

“Please understand that when wealthy people say they owe money and have no one to help them, all they mean is that, ‘They have no one to help them,’ and that ‘they actually have enough money to pay for what they have to (kaya nga nakaka-travel pa ng magandang class sa eroplano papuntang ibang bansa), but just do not have enough cash to buy their dream house in, let’s say America, which costs anywhere between under $4 million to $15 million,” she ranted. 

Cuneta is currently the coach of “The Voice Teens.” She recently took a break in the US to “recharge” but has since returned to tape episodes of the talent contest. 

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