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Dear Lucy, 

I am told that oils are actually good for the face, and that the reason I tend to break out is because my face is too dry. What oil should I use? I also would like to know how to use foundation properly; mine is streaky and always looks patchy, and later in the day it becomes super oily.                                                                                       


Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder is the best setting powder.

Dear Mimiet,

Yes, although most people do break out with the use of oils, it is a misconception that all oils are bad for the skin. It is very important that you choose one that is pure and non-comedogenic. I like Marula oil, available at SM Beauty and Watson’s. Marula oil is far more powerful than Argan oil in terms of fighting the free radicals that cause premature skin aging because it has a 60 percent  higher anti-oxidant level. Be mindful also that a little does go a very long way, so I would suggest that you apply just two to three drops for the entire face, and maybe another drop or two for the neck. My favorite way of applying it is right after washing my face, while it is still damp.

For foundation, I don’t really like using much unless it is necessary, so maybe you can get a liquid formula, like CC cream. Use a Beauty Blender — I see how it makes a lot of difference, because the dabbing/bouncing motion deposits the product perfectly into the skin, and blends seamlessly and evenly. Use a setting powder — do not scrimp on powder; get the best. The Translucent Loose Setting Powder from Laura Mercier is a classic that will not disaappoint. You can use the Beauty Blender as sponge for this still.                                                                 



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