iPhone X Pitted against a 4K Mirrorless Camera for Video


A better look at the iPhone X’s video performance

Both the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are two of the first smartphones capable of 4K video at 60 FPS, along with dual OIS on its rear cameras. With those features, some people would wonder: How will it fare against 4K Mirrorless cameras that have a bigger sensor?

To investigate, FStoppers decided to compare the iPhone X’s video performance to the Panasonic Lumix GH5, a $2000 Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless camera that has 4K video and is often used by professionals. Prior to the comparison, the FStoppers team noted that the did use previous iPhone models to do some of their commercial work.

Given the iPhone X’s upgraded cameras, how does it match against the GH5? With the sample footages they made, here are the pros and cons of the iPhone X’s video recording:

Pros: Better colors and contrast

In comparing footages, the iPhone X gives punchier and more vibrant colors compared to the GH5, which means editors can save some time from doing color grading with footage taken from the iPhone X. In addition, when shooting in tricky lighting, the iPhone X’s color profile helps it gather better shadow detail compared to the GH5.

Cons: Sloppy low light capabilities and limitations to fine details

As much as the iPhone X’s camera has improved, it cannot match the GH5 when it comes to low light situations. The GH5’s bigger sensor and higher bitrate lets in more light and detail compared to the iPhone X. For obvious reasons, the GH5’s interchangeable lenses remain superior compared to the iPhone X’s dual rear camera setup, and this is noticeable if you peep into the details of the video footage.

Even match: Smooth frame rates

Whether shooting on 6o FPS at 4K or 120 FPS at 1080, the iPhone X matches with the GH5 in shooting smooth slo-mo footage.

Major improvement: Stabilization

Comparing to the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone X has an improved optical image stabilization such that it does not have issues when using OIS with the iPhone mounted on a gimbal.

Check out the video footage comparison below:

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