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By Betheena Unite

Redesigned food carts and stalls in Intramuros were unveiled Wednesday in a bid to turn the popular street food industry, “which is always belittled,” into a true food hub that promotes the country’s creative and cultural sector.

Manuel Dominguez (rightmost) of Inteligencia Colectiva explains the custom refurbishment strategy for the redesigned food stall of Rolling Manila
(Credit: Design Center of the Philippines via Twitter / MANILA BULLETIN)

Under the project — Rolling Manila — the food carts and stalls in Intramuros had been undergoing redesigning starting November 15.

For two weeks, the carts and stalls will be transformed to make them more attractive and visible so visitors will get acquainted with them.

The transformation of food carts and stalls was implemented by the Zoohaus in collaboration with the Inteligencias Collectivas, Intramuros Administration, and Design Center of the Philippines, the Department of Tourism (DOT) said.

According to the Tourism agency, “the project recommends a process of enhancement of the vendors in Intramuros as human heritage and how to include them in the tourism context as well as promoting local culture through people and what they know to do.”

It was further stated that the three agencies will explore Intramuros as a “laboratory for creating design strategies that will effectively work for the promotion of the Filipino street food vendors.

Intramuros Administration, for its part, will make available to Zoohaus all the means at its disposal in order to carry out a thorough research on the practical needs of the vendors, such as location mapping of the street vendors within the Walled City and engagement of the food vendors into the project.

Design Center of the Philippines, meanwhile, prepared food and design tours around Manila to provide Zoohaus an immersion to Intramuros, its history, design, and food culture.

The prototyping of the redesigned carts and stalls will be done with the help of students from the Lyceum of the Philippines University.

DOT said at the end of the project, a map will be developed to further put in context the food culture and assets within Intramuros.

Zoohaus is a platform for networking that started in 2007. It combines the interests of different agents in the field of architecture and urban planning.

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