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Flag of Albania

On this day in 1912, Albania declared its independence from the Ottoman Empire, and the Albanian flag was raised in Vlora. It coincided with the day Skanderbeg, whose real name was George Castriot (1405-January 17, 1468), raised the same flag in Kruje on November 28, 1443, in defiance of the Turks who ruled Albania. It is for this reason that Albania’s Independence Day (Dita e Pavaresise) is also called Flag Day (Dita e Flamurit).

Traditionally, the Albanian flag is ceremonially raised in Tirana in the presence of the President and other key government officials. They visit the national martyrs’ cemetery. Concerts are staged in the capital, featuring famous Albanian singers and dancers.

The Republic of Albania is a mountainous country in the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. It is bordered on the northwest by Montenegro, on the northeast by Kosovo, on the east by Macedonia, and on the south by Greece. To the west of Albania are the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. A significant number of Filipino workers are employed in Albania’s spa, restaurant, and construction sectors.

Tirana is the country’s capital and largest city, where the Philippines has a consulate office. Tirana is the center of Albania’s cultural, economic, and governmental activities. Skanderbeg Square, its main plaza, is named after the Albanian national hero Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeo. Also in Tirana are the National History Museum that showcases exhibits spanning antiquity to the post-communism era; and the 128th century Et’hem Bey Mosque.

The Republic of Albania has numerous castles and forts that date back to antiquity and the Middle Ages. The Tirana International Airport, which has been named after Mother Teresa, the Albanian Roman Catholic nun and missionary, has been the busiest airport in the Balkan. In 2016 it had over two million passengers.

We greet the people and government of the Republic of Albania, led by President Ilir Meta, on the occasion of its 105th Independence Day Anniversary.

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