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(Illustration by Rod Cañalita)

Whenever people say that movies reflect reality, Multi-awarded Actor (MA) can probably smile when he recalls this incident with Young Celebrity (YC). Except for a few close people, linking MA and YC seem far-fetched except that both of them are reliable in any acting genre. Still, the two have been carrying a very secretive relationship, which might be a huge scandal once revealed.

MA and YC’s relationship is limited to once a week stolen moments. YC cannot demand anything more than a couple of hours, as both are really just into getting physical. So, one time, YC showed up in the pad of MA, as scheduled. MA welcomed her and they went on with their business.

As MA and YC were chilling, the doorbell sounded and someone was at the door. MA started to sweat and worry, as the only person who could possibly come at that time is His Girlfriend (HG). However, MA knows that HG is supposed to be on the set, which is the reason YC could come over. He looked at the CCTV and HG was nearing the door. Immediately, he told YC to get dressed and hide in the closet in one of the rooms. He will do his best to stall HG so YC can escape.

When HG entered, she took some minutes to relax and MA did his boyfriend duties. Then, he remembered that YC was in a closet and might suffer from oxygen depletion. He told HG that he wanted to eat out, but HG said she was too tired and wanted to just rest with him. No matter how he tried, HG just snuggled and said she really does not want to move.

After a few minutes, MA called for backup. Closer Personality (CP) came over and said he wanted to bring HG and MA to a restaurant. Knowing that HG will never refuse CP, MA was confident that his plan would work. True enough, HG freshened up and all three of them left. Finally, YC made her great escape, and once again, CP saves the day for MA.


‘The problem is when that fun stuff becomes the habit. And I think that’s what’s happened in our culture.’ – Michelle Obama


Come clean?

Whenever the career of a celebrity is on the upswing, expect rumors to add color to his fame. Rumors could range from being gay, having a gay benefactor in a network, pretending to be single, and siring a child who cannot be exposed to the public. All such speculations would immediately be denied by the camp of that celebrity, which is to be expected. Star builders know that any admission could lead to the downfall of the career of a celebrity.

At the prime of the career of Former Heartthrob (FH), all sorts of rumors were hurled at him. FH was rumored to be gay, having an affair with another male celebrity, and other related stories. It just so happened then that FH was not keen on telling the world that he was in a relationship. Correspondingly, if he did admit to having a girlfriend at that time, his career would still have gotten affected. Remember, the local audience wants their idols to be single to live up to the illusion that they are reachable.

However, one persistent rumor before was the story that FH had allegedly sired a son with a non-showbiz female and that he left the woman upon knowing she was carrying his child. At the time, FH was enjoying the rewards of his network and any such attachment might not have been good for his career. FH is good-looking and has many female fans pining for him and being an unmarried father would open him up to judgment.

Fast forward to today, the alleged mother of the child is working overseas. The child is growing into a handsome teen, and is being raised somewhere in a province up north. With the recent upswing in the career of FH, chances are this rumor might again emerge and perhaps, FH can finally issue a denial or an admission.

Besides, with a forthcoming event in his life, he should come clean. Unlike years ago, the audience is more understanding of unmarried celebrity fathers and mothers, but could be critical when it comes to abandoning children.


‘I thought about how there are two types of secrets: the kind you want to keep in, and the kind you don’t dare to let out.’ – Ally Carter


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